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End Of The Day is an upcoming Fan-fiction/story created by Zie. It stars 3 characters, Gooms the Goomba and Ken the Koopa, as well as Stary. Chapters are listed in the tabs above.


Two friends served in Bowsers Army, they soon learned a shocking secret that would change the world, in the future, a futuristic world is taking place, the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by Bowser finally, and Peach and Mario are captured and have not escaped since then. Ken is finally tired of Bowsers action and attempts to escape the horrors of Bowsers new Kingdom, and brings his friend Gooms, who doesn't want to go. Bowsers Army then finds out about this, and Gooms and Ken are wanted. Ken and Gooms then discover Stary, who later reveals a shocking secret, Ken and Gooms are related, but a dark evil is appearing, and it shall destroy the entire universe if 4 Heroes do not stop it. Ken, Gooms, and Stary must go on a journey and survive, and also find the last hero as well.

Main Characters

  • Ken The Koopa: A Koopa who lived in a Legendary family, however, Bowser managed to take control of his whole family, and as a result, Ken's family was forced to work for Bowser.
  • Gooms The Goomba: A Goomba who is smart and an inventor, he knows the Mushroom Kingdom very well. He appears to have a connection to Ken.
  • Stary: A star kid who appears to know a lot of the Mushroom Kingdom, he tells Ken and Gooms that he and them are 4 Heroes that are destined to fight a great evil that is coming close day by day.
  • Tanoo: A tanooki tailed Boo who was sent to hunt down Ken and Gooms, he later joins them after he finds the real purpose of his uses.
  • Bowser: The antagonist of the story, he sends many of his troop, as well as Kamek, The Koopalings, and Bowser Jr. to hunt down Ken and Gooms.

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