End/Prologue to Part 1: Unlikely Heroes/Chapter 1

Author's Note

After reading through every chapter of the Voidverse saga, brainstorming story ideas, and forming concepts for a universe I just made up, the prologue of End is here. Disregard any previous stories about End I have previously made as they are all non-canon. What I hope will become a great fan fic JrTroopaJr. Troopa

Prologue: Starting with a thought

In a little quiet planet with small people and no adventure there lives a boy named Henry. Henry Sliam to be exact. He's the weird kid in your school. The one who has  a weird backpack, a weird family, and the kid your friends make fun of. He's the cliche kid who no one likes. Henry lives in the planet Grenfeild in the city Voiden. Henry goes to school at Gavara Middle School.

Henry walked up to his school waiting for his usual routine. SLAM! Meet Buff Tanin, your cliche bully. "Ugh. Take it", Henry said as his bloody nose ached. Buff took the money from Henry and smashed his lunch box. Henry looked to see his sandwich smashed, his cookies crumbled, and his chips cracked. However, one thing remained intact. Henry's Game Boy. "Phew." Henry said, relieved. As our "hero" walked into school, he looked at his schedule. First period? Mister Tenabomb. Tenabomb was Henry's favorite teacher, who taught writing. Most sudents were snoring when his speeches began but Henry entranced by his words. Henry smiled and walked into class.

Mister Tenabomb smiled as he rambled off into a magical speech. He drew many thngs on the chalkboard. As always, 99% of the class was snoring. Henry was watching and heard something that meant something to him. "A writer is not someone who slaps words into a notebook reluctantly. A writer doesn't even have to write. A writer is a thinker, my class. So may you be a thinker." he ended his speech with. Henry smiled and then...BRRRRRRRING! Class was over. Everyone rushed out of the class. Except for Henry. Henry complimented Tenabomb's speech. "To be honest m'boy, no one in there is a thinker excpet for you. Don't stop thinking." he said. Henry nodded and ran off to his next class.

Henry was a thinker. His first thought? "I don't want to be here anymore."



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