Empire 2017

Empire is a hardcore open world fighting video game, and remake/spiritual successor to the viral umbrella hit, titled Radioactive. Empire features a mass group of brawlers hailing from all over the video gaming spectrum, who are forced to fight each other in a virtual environment, unbeknown to them that the entire situation is the result of an ultimate grand master of all things evil. The main goal in the competition is to kill or be killed, and one by one, they will fall unless they can determine the ultimate cause for this disaster to happen, and stop it in its tracks before it claims more lives. It is planned to be released on the Pacifico platform, sometime in 2017. It has been rated "M" for mature by ESRB and "18" by PEGI for violence, obscene language, fearful scenes, sexual references and drug references.



Empire plays similarly to Radioactive, but has a lot of graphical improvements and mechanical improvements to make the game play more smoothly and fluently. The game takes a lot of inspiration from open world roaming games like The Legend of Zelda and Tomb Raider to name a couple, where you play as your own character in an open world, however, specifically in Empire, where your one mission is to kill or be killed. 

You have a limit of health in the game, which can be depleted through many methods. If you don't keep eating food and drinking clean water, you can lose health and become more slow and sluggish as your travel the world. Less health makes your vision become more blurred and less clear, making it harder to move around the world. You can regain health through eating healthy food or drinking a clean drink, but if you have an open wound from combat, you will need to treat that first to stop your health from diminishing.

Empire Ender

Empire Enders are the finishing moves or final moves in the game which will kill your opponent. Every character has at least one Empire Ender which is exclusive to themselves only, which usually reflects the characters personality and play style in the game. Some Empire Enders are unlocked when specific requirements are met within the game, so not all characters will have them right off the bat.



CHECKMATE is the Story Mode of Empire. While details are still very scarce on the story of the game, it is assumed that the plot will take a similar turn to that of Radioactive. Due to the title, it may also have a stronger theme of power, and kings and queens, as the chessboard and respective pieces are referenced a lot in the title and logo. It is also heavily hinted at that the game's story will be longer to incorporate all of the characters in some way in a significant role. 

You can find a death table here, which simply shows all of the deaths in the game so far.

Season 1

The game's story is separated by seasons, all of which will have an undetermined number of episodes. The entirety of the first season was released alongside the game, while other seasons will be released at a later date after release when they're completed. Every episode is created to last around an hour in real life. 

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date
1 1 Fight For Your Life 2017

Game Modes

Alliance Mode


Alliance Mode is the first mode you encounter in the game. Similar to Faction War in Mortal Kombat X, you have to select an alignment which will give you greater access to items, moves, and other bonuses which help the characters that are also aligned in the same faction as you are. During battles and other fights in the game, you will earn a special type of experience points called Allegiance Points, which are the basis for unlocking the new content for your Alliance. There are several different Alliances that you can be a part of, all with different benefits.

Conquest Mode


Conquest Mode is the main gameplay mode in the game, aside from the Story Mode. In Conquest, you play through the tournament as one of the many characters in the roster without all the cutscenes and events that occur in the cinematic story mode. It is unlocked when you complete the first chapter of the story, and can be repeatedly played as many times as you wish. 

Invasion Mode


Survival Mode


Bizarre Bazaar


The Bizarre Bazaar is the biggest store in existence, with many useful and essential items for any tournament-go'er. Here, you can receive and purchase many items to aid your experiences in the tournament. The Bazaar argubly has more use during the story mode of the game, however it can be accessed outside of that mode as well. 

You can also converse with characters in the upstairs Cafe, and learn more about them personally outside of the tournament. However, these conversations cannot boost your friendships during the tournament, as they're supposed to be set outside of that environment. Hopefully, you can gain insight into that character's personality, and use that information outside of the situation to your advantage.


Many different characters are set to be presented in Empire. Similar to other games that have larger rosters than the normal, like the LEGO video games, you can unlock different characters through the story mode of the game, when their character arc begins. There are also several other methods to unlocking characters, most of which will be explained in the respective section.  


Unlocked Characters to be added.

Downloadable Characters to be added.


Character Biography

Aveira has become a jack of all trades in the workplace. After transforming from a physicist to a secret agent, she and fellow agent Vermilion decided to stay in contact until they found something else to do with their lives after the agency disbanded. Naturally, she's trying to earn a new job as a physicist, but is finding it hard to find a place for her in the industry. Aveira is quiet to people she doesn't converse with often, and finds it hard to maintain friendships when she isn't presented with them on a day-to-day basis.

Origin: Vermilion Ashes (2015)

Vermilion is the last remaining Tess personality, however, she only exists due to having several differences from Tess, which justified her existence in the world. Vermilion has a very split personality (no pun intended), where she can be all calm and happy to suddenly being irritated and furious, but through all of her emotions she can always keep a collected appearance in times of desperate need.

Origin: Vermilion Ashes (2015)

Clownpiece is known as a fairy from hell, as she has a lot of twisted abilities that are very different to your average fairy. With her torch, she is able to drive others to the depths of insanity, leading to her being able to mess with their mind. Clownpiece may not be the best character on the offensive side of things, but she is a great secondary character if you're playing tag team or doubles.

Origin: Legacy of the Lunatic Kingdom (2015)

Corrin may be a member of royalty, but they sure can fight. Corrin can make use of many different weapons and items in order to create a deadly combination that will surely cause some destruction on the battlefield. Corrin can also summon his dragon form in battle, which is sure to give the other fighters a scare when summoned.

Origin: Fire Emblem: Fates (2015)

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is a fierce and insane chick who mostly uses guns and a mallet to attack her enemies. Harley usually spends time on her own, so she can accomplish her own tasks with precision instead of having people holding her back or possibly messing up her ambition. She hates to co-operate with others, unless it has some personal advantage for herself.

Origin: Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Mynis is a beorn similar to Unten. While not being the absolute best when it comes to combat, Mynis has a lot of capabilities when it comes to healing and empowering others. He is able to use some low level electricity manipulation power, but it isn't as strong or powerful enough to use effectively in battle. Mynis isn't the best fighter competitively, but he can prove his worth very easily when healing is needed in the story.

Origin: The Great Mynis Earth Survival Guide (2015)

Genocide Jack
Genocide Jack is a terrifying serial killer who has been known to murder countless of men who she finds attractive. Most of her attacks revolve around her murderous weapon, the deadly pair of scissors. These scissors are a trademark of Genocide Jack, and are the most powerful weapon she can use in the game. She has a very crazy personality and speaks with an unusual accent, which makes her appear to others as even more crazy. 

Origin: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (2010)

They may not have the most unique personalities going, but the Runbow Cast sure are determined to participate! Each time they appear, they are either lead by Sat or Hue, who will be the main attackers when used. They use a lot of moves that revolve around movement and running, which allows them to be some of the fastest characters in the game.

Origin: Runbow (2015)

Rouge the Bat
Rouge is a jewel fanatic, and will do anything she can to get her hands on them. She is highly trained in combat, being able to perform some very advanced fighting techniques very easily, and she is fast and able to fly due to her wings. Despite this, she is loyal to the ones that she considers close, and will help them whenever necessary. She is a combination of smarts, looks, and strength, which makes her one of the biggest threats in this entire game.

Origin: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)

Nicome is a human who has his energy fused with undead demons, which makes him one of the most powerful human beings in existence. He is ashamed of his human-like features, because he thinks of them as weaknesses, and often wears clothing to cover up as much of his human features as possible. 

Origin: Hymns of Helios (2016)

Tapu Koko
One of the island guardians from the latest Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Tapu Koko is a special Pokemon that dedicates its life to protecting others. It's also a very curious Pokemon, and will interact with different people based on how curious it is with that person. It can also be quite fickle, and may not always come to your help when you need it.

Origin: Pokemon Sun and Moon (2016)

Gumm-Slash is an aggressive gummy bear. He can be very relentless and vicious when it comes to attacking, since he feels no remorse to attacking anybody, whether it be friends, enemies or relatives. However, he will team up with others if it benefits him, and will jump ship whenever it becomes inconvenient towards himself.

Origin: Kandy Shop (2015)

Leo is a magnificent strategist and is very smart, which allows him to come up with schemes and plans which make logical sense very easily. While being a respectful person, Leo can also hold some grudges against people that are superior to him, as they make him feel less important and inferior. He also enjoys spending time with his sisters when he's not fighting.

Origin: Fire Emblem: Fates (2015)

Micaiah is a very caring person. She is very trusting in certain visions that she has, which often guide her correctly through life. When Micaiah is a good friend of yours, she will fight by your side to the bitter end. She is a very loyal person to the people that are loyal in return. Her attacks are mainly magic based, as well as her special ability which drains health from herself to give to someone else.

Origin: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (2007)

Coco Bandicoot
Coco Bandicoot is the highly intelligent younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. She is also a skilled mechanic, often building gadgets to aid her big brother. She self taught herself martial arts, which help her to defend herself when she goes on journeys with her big brother. Her work ethic can be described as domineering, she only works on what suits her and what she likes, instead of things that need to be worked on. 

Origin: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997)

Daroach is known for being a mischievious bandit, whose only desire is to receive the world's treasures. He is also ambitious and ruthless when it takes getting something which he desires, but he is also fair when required. He is the leader of the Squeaks, a gang of thieves who search for treasure across the world. 

Origin: Kirby: Squeak Squad / Kirby: Mouse Attack (2006)

Alice Harumi
Alice is a master of the season Spring, and can manipulate it accordingly. She is confident and kind to others, but she can also be very impatient and become angry quite easily. She is very into family life and enjoys spending time with her adopted parents. However, she is a respecting and trusting person, which could lead to a lot of problems in a fight to the death.

Origin: Master of Four Seasons (2013)

Big the Cat
Big, the cat, is carefree and laid-back, and cares a lot for his friends. He is a big fan of fishing, and always carries around his fishing rod should the opportunity ever arise. He's very optimistic and jolly, and a little bit ditzy, which causes him to forget important things which pass through his mind without thinking. He possesses a superhuman state of physical strength, which helps him and his friends when needing to lift or move very heavy objects.

Origin: Sonic Adventure (1998)

Ivan is a Beorn who has a very heavy interest in acting. He is always respectful and friendly to his fellow actors and to anyone else who he may encounter, however, he is prone to flirting with most people he comes into contact with, which can lead to many awkward situations. He is still new to how Earth works, and relies on his humanoid friends to blend in with the planet as a whole.

Origin: Wonder Wisp (2015)

Ulala s a space reporter who has widespread popularity in her universe and ours. She is also a great dancer, and has the ability to play several instruments with ease, like the guitar and drums. She is very confident and never shows fear in most situations. She is described as being excitable and dramatic, as well as being the ultimate diva.

Origin: Space Channel 5 (1999)

Ciriesta has a very mixed and mysterious personality. She can be a great friend to have, or she can be as cold and distant as possible. She always acts respectfully to everybody, including her supposed enemies. She finds it hard to accept reality sometimes, especially when it concerns her home planet and family. She is afraid of it becoming a distant memory, and this information haunts her.

Origin: Fantendo - Journey (2016)

Krystal Pérez
Krystal is a very feared fighter in the normal world, as she can be quite cocky and very aggressive if she becomes enraged with something. Her strength is supposedly unmatched on Earth, to the point where she can knock other people out with a single attack. She can also be hasty when it comes to fighting, and not really caring too much about the enemy, and uses brute force to ensure that they're removed as a problem.

Origin: Amy vs The Future (2015)

Agnès Oblige
Agnes is a vestal of the wind, which means she can predict when danger is about to strike, and can take the necessary precautions to avoid danger. She is polite and chaste, however she doesn't like the company of others on important missions, due to not wanting other people to be burdened by her problems. Because of her strict upbringing, she can be mistrustful of others, even those who she considers her best friends or allies.

Origin: Bravely Default (2012)

Marisa Kirisame
Marisa is a magician who specialises in light and heat magic. She has a compulsion to collect things, too. She's very straightforward, and can be seen as condescending with difficulty to express sympathy to others, giving her a very cold vibe. She's quick to act upon rumours, and she's also a habitual liar, but she makes no effort to deliberately deceive others.

Origin: Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream (1997)

Liana is a very adaptable person, being able to use a lot of different moves and weapons to help aid her. She can be quite stubborn sometimes, and prefers it when her plan comes to light instead of someone else's which she doesn't understand. She is a very likeable person, which allows her to become friends with most other people, unless they're enemies of course.

Origin: Hymns of Helios (2016)

Human Torch
The Human Torch gained his powers through being exposed to cosmic radiation, which in turn gave him abilities relating to ire. His main ability is being able to engulf himself in flames without suffering or causing harm, as well as being able to interact with fire telepathically, making it do whatever he desires. He can manipulate any form of fire in his immediate vision.

Origin: The Fantastic Four (1961)

Henry is a very cheerful guy, but he can also be very cruel at the same time. He loves anything involving blood and demise, and would kill anybody to impress others. He has a strong love for fighting, and he is a good listener and respects those superior to him. However, if he believes that an order is stupid or dumb, he will flat out refuse to carry it out. He has great friendships with a lot of people, and puts trust in them.

Origin: Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012)

Zavok is one of the members of the group Deadly Six, who are planning for the destruction of the entire world. He is very power hungry, and merciless. He doesn't tolerate failure when it comes to others who he trusts within his plans, and makes his threats of destructiona and death very apparent. He comes across as cunning and intelligent to others, and studies situations to somehow use them to his own advantage and personal gain.

Origin: Sonic Lost World (2013)

Princess Peppermint
Princess Peppermint is a cheerful and supportive princess who enjoys the life she lives. She loves helping others and making sure that peace is kept at all costs.

Origin: Kandy Shop (2015)

While not being as sadistic as she used to be, Erisi can still be a malicious fighter when she wants to be. She used to be a notorious serial killer, but has since become your average human being. Well, as average as it gets. She doesn't make friends too easily, and often becomes obsessed with friendships when they do happen, which can unsettle her existing friends.

Origin: Hymns of Helios (2016)

Melissa Dust
Melissa Dust is able to control dust particles at her own demand. She can use these particles to create items like swords to help aid her when she's fighting against enemies in the Misfits. Most of her body is also made of these dust particles, which gives her own being the same abilities. She is always calm and collected, and has a thurst for adventure that she shares with his husband, Aran Leverletto.

Origin: Fantendo - Misfits (2015)

Unten is supposedly one of the last members of the Beorn species. Unten has a lot of leadership qualities, through obligation. He is very helpful to others, even as far as bringing sacrifice to himself in order to help them, for what he believes as the greater good. He is very strong emotionally, having to deal with many different traumas throughout his life until this point, which makes him an even stronger leader overall.

Origin: Unten (series) (2009)

Tess is a martial arts expert, who is also experienced with many different variations of weapons the world has to offer. She takes pride in her combat abilities, and rarely finds a challenge in another person. She is often sarcastic and sadistic, and manipulative beyond belief. Others perceive her as the most manipulative person in existence, as it is believed that she would betray anybody and use them for her own personal gain.

Origin: Radioactive (2015)

Tiffany is the genetic daughter of Tess, however she resents that label with all her being. She finds it extremely hard to accept what she came from, but usually never divulges that information to other people, unless she trusts them. Speaking of trust, she has a lot of trust issues with other people, and finds it easier to confide in herself instead of others, as they can't use it against her.

Origin: Tessellate (2016)

Zoroark is a Pokemon from the fifth generation of the series. It is a fox-like creature that is known for being able to create illusions, indistinguishable from reality. These can be used to delude many people simultaneously. It's powers are unmatched, and it also uses them to hide its true terriroty from those who are unwelcome.

Origin: Pokemon Black and White Versions  (2010)

Beck Alton is able to control a strange energy called "Flow". He isn't the friendliest person around, but tends not to be rude on purpose to others. He doesn't trust other people very easily, which may make him come across as cold or agitated to other people. However, for those that he does trust and open up to, he will protect to the bitter end, as a noble friend.

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike (2015)

Alice is the sole survivor of a devastating house fire which eliminated her entire family barring herself. She has since suffered immense trauma which has affected her reality and her imaginary world, called Wonderland. As she struggled with the fragments of her memories, PTSD, and deterriorating mental health, she returned to her imaginary world to save it from the evil Queen of Hearts, which in turn killed the monstered inside her head, restoring her mental state.

Origin: American McGee's Alice (2000)

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson is a heroic cyborg from Mars, who comes from a very dark and twisted future. She came to the present day through a scientific experiment of time travel, which proved to be successful. She has many futuristic items that she can depend upon to have the advantage in fights, since her technology is far more advance than that of the present day. 

Origin: Amy vs The Future (2015)

Aran Leverletto
Aran Leverletto is a self-taught engineer who lost his right arm whilst experimenting with saw blades on robots. His robotic arm was created and engineered by himself, and it contains the rare Sentelenium inside of it. He is usually quite hot-headed, and he gets into fights rather frequently. He always comes across as moody to others, and he can easily go into a rage with other people.

Origin: Fantendo - Misfits (2015)

Real name Cereza, Bayonetta is one of the two remaining Umbra Witches, a mysterious race who possess a spectacular talent for the bullet arts. She is also the bearer of the "Left Eye", that oversees the darkness.She fights using her vast array of bullets, and she also uses her hair in combat to create powerful attacks that leave devastating consequences.

Origin: Bayonetta (2009)

Will be added when his page is updated with more details regarding his character.

Origin: Kandy Shop (2015)

Clair Voyant
Clair Voyant is a mysterious girl who is tasked with the challenge of saving her mother from a body-eating curse casted by entities of a tome. She has psychic powers, and can easily move ojects around at her own will. She can also read the minds of others, and can see things in the world that others cannot. She can also use a sixth sense, presented in the form of Chibi Clair, who adds a lot of mental strength to clair's psychic powers.

Origin: Clairvoyance (2016)

Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife is an arrogant mercenary who believes that he is part of a warrior unit named SOLDIER. With the help of his friends, he gradually learns that there is more to being a high ranking swordsman than just brute strength. He eventually learns that his memories of being a member of SOLDIER were fabricated.

Origin: Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Cura is a robot dating back to the 1980s, who was recently brought back to life by Unten. She is a very cheery and happy robot, despite being confused immensely by the changes in human life since the time she lived in. She is very friend-oriented, and cares for them deeply, saying that it is her purpose in life to protect her friends whenever they need it.

Origin: Fantendo Sports Resort (2016)

Despite being considered young in the realm of Edenia, Kitana is over 10,000 years old. She rose to great importance, first through being the loyal stepdaughter of Shao Kahn, then his enemy, tearing herself away from his grasp and freeing her home realm of Edenia. She aligned with the good after learning about her past, and the fate of her true father, King Jerrod. 

Origin: Mortal Kombat II (1993)

Kratos was raised on Earth without knowledge of his demigod nature, being the son of Zeus. Like all Spartan boys, Kratos was raised to be a warrior from the moment he could walk and talk. His main weapon, the blades of chaos, are formed to his arms to increase his power whilst fighting, which were granted after he promised eternal servitutude to the God of War Ares.

Origin: God of War (2005)

Lara Croft
Lara Croft is an English archaeologist, who is assertive and in control as she faces perilous events that have transformed her into a hardened, focused and deadly survivor. As a result, she has many hidden talents and abilities she has learned over the course of her explorations, such as survival instincts, a master marksman, guerrilla warefare, not to mention her superior athleticism and peak-physical condition.

Origin: Tomb Raider (1996)

Liameno is a member of the Evangel race, who worships the Fan and the Enemy in an incredibly harmful way. He sacrifices hundreds in their names, despite his worshipers never seeming aware of his actions. He is a needlessly cruel person, often killing anyone who dares to oppose him in even the slightest regard. He is known as being beyond sadistic and malicious.

Origin: Fantendo - Showcase (2015)

Clair Farron, otherwise known as Lightning, is a determined and independent warrior. Initially, she seeks to save her younger sister Serah, before becoming entangled in a danger that poses a threat to her home of Cocoon. Following, she becomes a knight to protect the goddess Etro from her rival, until she is chosen to be a savior by the god Bhunivelze, where she has to save people's souls before the end of the world.

Origin: Final Fantasy XIII (2009)

Link possesses the spirit of the hero, which is chosen by the goddesses to wield the triforce of courage. His purpose is constantly driven by fate, mixed in with the other holders of the triforce, princess Zelda and Ganondorf, where he is destined to save Hyrule from threatening forces, which are normally controlled by Ganondorf. 

Origin: The Legend of Zelda (1986)

Maleficent is a cruel individual, who only takes pleasure in the pain of other people. She will go out of her way to hurt other people, without reason, which leads her to be glad in being feared across the land. Her inner darkness drivers her to do unspeakable deeds. Despite all this evil, she loves Aurora, which drives her insane every day, due to the sleeping curse Aurora is under.

Origin: Happily Ever After (2015)

Parvati is a child of the stars, and somehow managed to come into existence on a fateful new years eve. She managed to take control of the planet quickly, and managed to eventually destroy it from the inside. She was then placed in a new world by the Deities, with her memories erased, in hopes that she would somehow become a vital piece of the puzzle to rid the world of evil.

Origin: Fantendo - Factions (2016)

Penta is a multicoloured shape being who is very cheerful being who takes delight in everything in does. He doesn't care what other people think about him, and is very delighted in that feeling of self-love. However, he also has a devastating fear of dust and the wind. He is the last remaining shapekeeper, and must use his shapeshifting abilities to help him survive and potentially find his friends. 

Origin: Shapeshifter (2017)

Ryu began as a student of Gouken and trained well with a good friend of his called Ken Masteres. He is usually a silent, humble and serious individual, being the complete opposite to his rival Ken. He wanders the globe in search of mastering his martial arts. He is often detached from others due to travelling a lot, however he doesn't let it phase him.

Origin: Street Fighter (1987)

Samus Aran
Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter who aims to protect her home planet, Zebes. While wearing her suit, she can easily be mistaken for a robot, while really being a human with Chozo and Metroid blood. She uses the power suit to destroy the metroids and space pirates as well as her arch enemies, Ridley and Mother Brain.

Origin: Metroid (1986)

Solid Snake
Soild Snake and his twin brother were clones of Big Boss, as part of a genome project which was aimed to create the ultimate soldier. 

Origin: Metal Gear (1987)

Space Invader
Space Invader is one of the oldest characters to exist within Empire, which makes them very weak and easy to defeat. However, due to their multiplication ability, they are hard to completely wipe out. They are also very good at hiding behind objects to protect themselves from predators who may be lurking. They also don't feel the need to eat and drink as much as a normal person.

Origin: Space Invaders (1978)

Syinara Wyne is a humanoid scarecrow, who was cursed to grow the crops of a town known as Hynau before she managed to escape that role and live her life as a runaway. She finds it difficult to cooperate with others and tends to shelter herself away from other people, as she wants to concentrate with her own goals in life. She also has a special talent where she can "plug" herself into the ground to restore energy to the soil beneath her.

Origin: Lurking in the Dark (2015)

Taranza is a floating, limbless creature. He is a skilled wielder of magic, and can fire purple balls of energy at others, as well as possessing them or controlling them. He is presumed to be physically weak, due to how easily defeated he is by Queen Sectonia. He can also use a web-like net of energy to capture people and carry them around with him, which he used to control King Dedede's limbs like a puppet.

Origin: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)

Xerra was one of the many Beorns that managed to escape Zeon before its destruction. However, the course of her pod was disrupted by Unten, which meant that she was propelled into uncharted territory in space for an unspecified amount of time. She eventually woke up inside a gaezbo on an unknown planet. She is rough and rude to unfamiliar people, and can act extremely aggressive against people she perceives as enemies.

Origin: Xerra: The Last Beorn (2015)

Ann Takamaki
Ann Takamaki is a student at Shujin Academy, who also lives a double life as a phantom thief. Ann feels like she's lost her place in the world. Despite being polite and kind to her peers and elders, she is withdrawn and isolated from the other students at her school due to the rumours that were spread about her. She feels like everyone in the school except a couple of students, view her as invisible.

Origin: Persona 5 (2017)

Arial is a princess of Hell, and daughter of Satan. She's a vigilante who operates in New York City. Her heritage lead to a comfortable life, however she managed to learn sympathy towards other demons, angels and strangely, mortals. Eventually, she fled to Earth to help the mortals, and to escape her past life, however, she was soon persued by various different forces.

Origin: Devilish (2017)

Komaru Naegi
Komaru Naegi is the younger sister of the Ultimate Hope, Makoto Naegi. She was held as a captive against her brother, until she managed to escape her flat and eventually become a target in the demon hunting game orchestrated by the Warriors of Hope. She met Toko Fukawa, and eventually managed to regain control over Towa City when it was overrun by Monokuma bots. She vowed to remain and help rebuild the city after the damage was dealt.

Origin: Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (2014)


To be added. Most likely when the default characters are complete.

Character Requirements
????? To be determined.


To be added. Most likely when the default and unlocked characters are complete.

  • June 28: Clownpiece was revealed, with Corrin, Harley Quinn, Mynis, Genocider Syo and Runbow following shortly after.
  • June 29: Aveira and Vermilion were revealed.
  • June 30: Rouge and Nicome were revealed.
  • July 01: Tapu Koko, Gumm-Slash, Leo, Micaiah, Coco Bandicoot, and Daroach were revealed.
  • July 08: Alice, Big the Cat, Ivan and Ulala were revealed.
  • July 10: Ciriesta, Krystal, Agnes, Marisa, Liana, Human Torch, Henry and Zavok were revealed.
  • July 12: Princess Peppermint and Erisi were revealed.
  • August 20: Melissa Dust and Unten were revealed.
  • September 03: Tiffany and Tess were revealed.
  • October 21: 26 new characters were revealed.
  • May 05: 3 new characters were revealed.


Downloadable content has been confirmed for the game, however it has not been explained what extent it will go to. It is highly speculated it will be similar to Radioactive's Downloadable content, which characters, costumes, and other little things been added as time goes on. There has also been speculation for the Radioactive Ballot to return, of course retitled as presumably the "Empire Ballot".

Season Pass

The Season Pass allows players to receive DLC content a week earlier than those who buy the individual characters or packs. 


Empire will have its own complete soundtrack.


Update Log

This is mainly existing for me to keep track on making some progress on the game each day, but you may also find some enjoyment from it as well.

  • June 28: Created the page, and announced six characters.
  • June 29: Revealed two new characters and introduced and wrote two biographies, as well as a beta move set.
  • June 30: Revealed the main game mode "CHECKMATE" and also uploaded a banner for Alliance mode. Also added a death chart.
  • July 01: Finshed two more biographies, and explained Empire Enders. Also added the Roster Reasoning subpage, the unlock requirements table, the reception header, the new Empie forum, and six more characters.
  • July 02: Three biographies done, not much else. Was also working on the renaming of the overall universe and making sure everything fit well.
  • July 08: Added four new characters, but haven't added them to other respective sections yet.
  • July 10: Added eight new characters. 
  • July 12: Added two new characters. Probably the last for a bit until I get more sections of the article filled out, including descriptions.
  • August 20: Added ten new character descriptions, added two new characters.
  • October 21: Added 26 new characters and 4 new modes.
  • October 23: Cleanup.
  • December 18: Further clean up, converting biographies to the new format.
  • December 20: Moved the table to a separate sub page, updated the story mode with the new format, added some information on how the season pass will work. Finished converting all biographies to the new format, too.
  • May 05: Added three new characters, added more biographies.
  • May 13: Expanded on game modes.
  • May 14: Added more biographies, changed a lot of table coding.

Roster Reasoning

You can see my reasoning for adding certain characters here.

Death Table

You can see the Death Table here.

Survival Chart / Tiers

This section will most likely be bare until the entire cast of the game is revealed.

This will be expanded upon new characters being revealed for the game.


Do you like the game so far?

The poll was created at 15:33 on June 1, 2017, and so far 2 people voted.
Should I make character subpages?

The poll was created at 15:33 on June 1, 2017, and so far 2 people voted.


Empire has been very positively received, by critics and fans alike. The game was initially teased in early 2016, which led some fans to speculate a new title in the Radioactive series following Remastered. The final logo for the project was teased at the end of Illusion Works' E3 2016 presentation, and then following the show it was confirmed that Empire was the remake of the Radioactive series.

Due to being unreleased as of now, Empire has no critical scores or reviews, or wikia awards. However, many critics have explained their interest and "hype" in the game and are highly anticipating its release.


  • Empire was created on June 28, 2016.
  • Empire is slated to be the first of many remakes made by Illusion Works.
  • Empire is inspired by many different games and forms of media, especially Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, Radioactive and Until Dawn. There are also some mechanics and modes based off of other games like Fire Emblem or Hyrule Warriors.
  • The emblem for Empire is a scorpion, the same one as the one presented in the logo. However, the significance, if any, has not been explained.
  • Origin dates for Fantendo articles are determined from the day they were created, instead of released, as they are fictional in real-world sense.
  • Credit to Athena Hawkins (tbc) for the Unlock Requirements table.

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