Empiranha final
Gender Unknown
Species Piranha Plant
Location Mushroom City
Class Servant of King Polarite(anime 2015)
King Polarite
Main Weapon(s) can bite opponents and also summon Piranha Plant minions
First Appearance Episode 01 of Super Mario Revival

Empiranha is a villain that appears in Super Mario Revival. It is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, it was once good.

Empiranha, like all members of King Polarite's army, is sent to find the Gleaming Treasure. Empiranha tries to steal it through the help of his Piranha Plant minions.

Empiranha is quite pompous and conceited, and thinks it is a beautiful yet fierce Piranha Plant.


Empiranha has long green stems and has three heads. The main head is golden and has a red rose on top. The left head is bronze and has a blue rose on top. The head on the right is silver and has a yellow rose on top. The stem of the golden head wears two green bushes. It is settled in a brown pot

Before he became of a minion of King Polarite, Empiranha looked like a normal Piranha Plant, with only one head and no bushes either.


Like other potted Piranha Plants, Empiranha can move around freely by hopping around. Empiranha mainly attacks by biting like a normal Piranha Plant, and it can also summon smaller Piranha Plants to aid it in battle.



  • Empiranha is based on a rose bush as well as the Venus flytrap.
  • Empiranha's name comes from the words "emperor" and "piranha".