Emperor the Nidoking
Full Name Emperor the Nidoking
Current Age 50+
Gender Male
Species Toxic Spike Nidoking
Current Status alive
Class villain, scientist
Dr. Mewtwo (formerly)
Family and Relations
Needle the Nidoran (son)
Ability/ies poison pin
First Appearance Renan the Seven Destructive Rulers
Latest Appearance Renan's Sunnyshine Adventure
Emperor the Nidoking is the current main antagonist of the RenarioExtreme series after Dr. Mewtwo's death in Renan: The Last Destiny.


Renan and the Seven Destructive Rulers

Dr. Mewtwo created Emperor and the other Destructive Rulers in order to defeat Renan and take over the PokeMutant World. After being defeated by Renan, he is the only one shown to be alive.

Renan: The Last Destiny

Emperor was shocked to see Dr. Mewtwo getting killed by Renan and then sent into the Destiny Gate.


Emperor is very prideful for his power, and will always hammer arm any minion who failed him. Besides being the strongest villain, he almost has the same intelligence as Dr. Mewtwo.


Renario "Renan" Extreme

Emperor and Renan are now worst enemies, because of Dr. Mewtwo's death.