Emperor Uberry
Emperor Uberry
Emperor Uberry's Appearance
Full Name Emperor Currant Rasp Uberry
Current Age 39
Gender Male
Species 50% Assorted Berries

50% Cat

Align Lawful-Good
Current Status Alive, previously assumed Dead

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Emperor Currant Rasp Uberry is the ruler of the Dessert Planet Cream Pi. He was captured and arrested by the LPF as part of a conspiracy to ignite the Breafast vs. Dessert Wars which allowed the LPF to intervene and experiment on numerous individual species from both sides.


Emperor Uberry appears to have the physique of a Cat or Feline Creature with the appearance of Assorted Berries, primarily Cherries, Blueberries & Blackberries. His limbs and most of his tail appear to be a plant like structure similar to the stems on berries, his ears also feature this trait however his ears are much more limited in movement than his limbs or tail. He has a Gem on his forehead that signifies his Royalty among the Dessert Species, the Gem is supposedly comprised of Blueberrium & Blackberrium.


Currant is often described as being a kind Emperor and often known for being honest with his people and also venturing to other planets as a gesture of kindness. Due to his rank in the Order of Fillings he is also seen having great respect by his subjects and is feared by his enemies. It is unknown just how well Currant performs in battle although it has been suggested that he is much more likely a tactician rather than a warrior.


False Emperor Uberry
Through most of his Youth and Young Adulthood, Currant was taught to lead and lead the multiple sentient Species of the Planet, Cream Pi. However in the year 280 PF, a conspiracy against Currant was plotted and put into action by the LPF, the aim was to ignite a war between the Dessert Hybrids and Breakfast Hybrids. This plan involved kidnapping Emperor Uberry and replacing him with a Mind-Controlled Berry Cat, the Mind Controlled Berry Cat would for the next nine years rule over the planet of Cream Pi and deliberately made decisions that invoked distrust between the Dessert Hybrids and Breakfast Hybrids until one day the Mind Controlled Berry Cat was killed by Groop the Maple Dog and thus the Breakfast vs. Dessert Wars began.

During this time, Currant was unaware of what had occurred in his absence as he was time displaced.