Emperor Dante
Emperor Dante (New)
Dante, the fiendish Lectroad Leader
Gender Male
Species Lectroad
Location Ghostly Bogs
Align Evil
Current Status Deceased
Class Main Antagonist
Emperor of the Lectroads
Ruler of Ghostly Bogs
Main Weapon(s) Sledge Hammers
Ability/ies Strength
Throws his Hammers
Spin Attack
Spread waves across the ground
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (Remake)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak (Remake)
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Emperor Dante is the original leader of the Lectroads and the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak. He is a strong, power-hungry tyrant who wants to take full control of the Peacific Ocean but his plans were foiled by Skip and Sqak who arrived and putted an end to the invasion.


Emperor Dante is re-imagined as a Lectroad with a white long beard and eye brows. He wears an anvil-horned crown which closely resembles a viking helmet, yellow shoulder pads with black spikes on them, metallic armored shield around his chest, red cape, gold bracelets and knee pads.


Skip and Sqak

As selfish and egotistic, Dante wants to make the whole Peacific Ocean his empire and sends his Lectroad armies to capture Critters as slaves to build their cities. As Skip and Sqak keep foiling his plans, Dante sends his minions to eradicate the pair but all failed every time.

Later on, Dante decides to use a massive cannon called the Island-Blaster that Dr. Gearz built to destroy Sunny Villa and place his kingdom in it's place. In the Island-Blaster, Dante then decides to take matters into his own hands to destroy Skip and Sqak once and for all. As the lava powering the cannon gets higher below them, Skip and Sqak defeated Dante which results the two punching him rapidly before smacking him off into the sky. However, Dante then falls back to the ground causing the platform below them to break and sending the three falling towards the magma.

Skip was able to save himself and Sqak while Dante perishes in the lava. The damage from the fight causes the entire Island-Blaster to explode sending the duo fflying back to Sunny Villa.