Emperor Bulblax
Emperor Bulblax
Emperor Bulblax, leader of the Bulborbs.
Emperor Bulblax is a gigantic Bulborb who is the main villain of the Pikmin (series). He has appeared in many Pikmin games to date and is us usually the final boss of the game or is fought several times, he attacks Olimar by licking up his Pikmin eating them and by squishing them. Emperor Bulblax has a female counterpart called Empress Bulblax. He is the mortal enemy of Captain Olimar

Fanon Appearances

Pikmin HD

Emperor Bulblax appears in Pikmin HD as an enemy.

Pikmin Kart

Emperor Bulblax appears in Pikmin Kart as an enemy.

Pikmin Wii

Emperor Bulblax appears in Pikmin Wii as an enemy.

Pikmin DS

Emperor Bulblax appears in Pikmin DS as an enemy.


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