The levels in Emoshos:Rise of Cruelty.

World 0

The tutorial,which takes place in the main palace of Emosho Land.

Name Image Description Introduced Content
Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Adventure
The first level.This stage has no enemies.You just have to walk to the palace.But rocks,spikes,and water are in your way.This level introduces Walking,Running,Jumping,and Swimming



Helping Hall
Helping Hall
After getting to the castle,you see a hallway with some enemies.Thhis introduces Attacking and Ducking.At some parts,you find a room which leads to another hallway.The level ends




Tutor Tower
Tutor Tower
The tower part of the palace.This level introduces Spike Walkys and Pyros.When you reach the top there will be no boss.But a miniboss is there:Fat Walky.Defeat him by jumping on him or punching him.

Spike Walkys


Fat Walky 

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