Emma Jackson
Full Name Emma Jackson
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Bolton, England
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Precognition
Nationality United Kingdom
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 4'7"
First Appearance The Not-So-Wonderful 75

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Emma is a human from England. She has strong precognition power that allows her to see attacks ahead of time.


Emma is a rather short 17-year-old female with long orange hair, a soccer jersey with the Bolton Wanderers logo on it, black jeans and orange boots. Her eyes are brown.


Emma was born in England as the eldest of 3 daughters. She was born with precognitive powers which gave her bad visions of things that were going to happen. She attempted to stop the events as often as she could but they still happened. At age 15, she found an invitation in her back yard to an agency, which she picked up. She went to California and ended up joining the agency. She helped out a lot with her precognition, knowing where attacks were happening and was a helping hand.


Emma is a timid person who tends to be scared a lot. She lets her precognition get to her a lot.