Emily Kramer
Full Name Emily Kramer
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Tauranga, New Zealand
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Strong terrakinetic powers
Nationality New Zealand
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'7"
First Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Saviors

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Emily is a human from New Zealand. She has terrakinesis that she wants to get rid of, but can never do so.


Emily is an average height white female who has long red hair, a grey leather jacket, blue skinny jeans and cinnabar boots. She has dark green eyes.


Emily was born in New Zealand and was instantly given a rough start, losing her dad to a horrible illness. She was raised in Wellington and when she was in high school, she started slipping from the nice life she had up to that point, with failing lessons and being constantly being pressured to do better. Emily's mother kicked her out when she turn 16, leaving her to live on the streets.

When Emily turned 17, she was given a job at a large corporation. She was moved over to the United States to do the job and found out that she had terrakinetic powers upon arrival in the USA. She ended up staying at the corporation for a year before her bosses realised her powers may be a problem and she was fired.

Emily went through several jobs in the two years following being fired, from a florist store cashier to a ground-leveler, but the jobs were short-lived. She settled into the Los Angeles area and managed to survive the combat between Amy Jackson and her team against Mr. D'Angelo. She met another group of people who teamed up to save the world and have been attempting to do so since.


Emily is usually over-cautious and overthinking, always feeling the worst is going to happen. She is a nice person, but timid. She is also depressed from working in the corporate world, which some characters try to help her with during the events of The Saviors.


Emily possesses terrakinetic powers. She dislikes the powers and can't help but think of those she has hurt with them. She powers allow her to raise up big rocks to stop any enemies dead in their tracks, but she has slipped up and impaled some people before with the rocks.


Taylor JamisonEdit

Taylor and Emily are good friends, and Emily tends to open up to Taylor more than anybody else.

Rubens IkediaEdit

Rubens and Emily are close, with Rubens normally trying to help Emily the most out of everyone in the team.



  • In Exotoro's artwork, a cotton pattern can be found on Emily's shirt.
  • In Kicking Off, it is revealed that Emily is ambidextrous.