Emily Davies
Emily Davies.
Full Name Emily Davies
Gender Male
Location Smilexia, Smilonia
Current Status Alive
Class Lawyer
First Appearance Mr. Chilli (Game)
Emily Davies is a young attractive lawyer in Mr. Chilli. Chilli acts very flirtatious around her, but she is yet to reveal her feelings.


Emily normally works alone and has little social life and even interaction till the weekend, she always keeps quiet, no matter how her collauges persuade her. At the weekend she can be a bit of a wild party animal.


Mr. Chilli

In Mr. Chilli, Emily works as hard as possible to move away from her parents and is not getting distracted no matter how others try. She is the hardest character to be friends with, as she ignores many of Chilli's woo's.

Stelios Scramble

She is unlocked after visiting Smilonia in Stelios Scramble's story mode. He moveset consists of briefcase-based agile moves.


Jump - Pounce - Emily leaps and then pounces onto a player.

Speed - Speed Shot - Emily runs and then throws her briefcase at the player and it boomerangs back to her.

Protect - Briefcase Block - Emily uses her briefcase to protect herself.

Combat - Briefcase Smash - Emily smashes her briefcase on the player.

Finesher - Party Animal - Emily dances around and frantically hits anyone in her way.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Appears an as assist pearl character, accusing a opponent of a crime which gets a mob to attack them. She then disappears while drinking a bottle of vodka.


Mr. Chilli

Before meeting Lance, the two would usually avoid each other at law school due to Chilli's shyness. But once Chilli finds Lance trying to win her heart, Chilli tries to win Emily over, into which she usually declines and requests only friendship. Although it is revealed that she prefers Chilli to Lance Darville.

Lance Darville

Although Lance also subjects to flirting with Emily, Emily dislikes Lance for his persistent taunting to others and his dominance.