Emerald Playfun
Offical design for the Playfun.
Developer(s) Emerald Studios
Manufacturer(s) Emerald Studios
Product Family The Players
Console Type Game Boy
Subtype(s) Game Boy
Generation 8th
Storage Can hold 250 Gigabytes by default,

10 Terrabytes with an SD Card.

Online Connectivity unknown.
Release Date(s)
Usa: October 31st, 2015.

Japan: January 1st, 2016. Europe: October 31st, 2016.

Discontinued 2067
Backward Compatibility Gameboy/Gameboy Advance
Predecessor Gameboy Advance
Successor Emerald Playfun Color
the Emerald Playfun is a handheld in the Gameboy line made by Emerald Studios.


Treto 1 (only launch title in Japan)

Super Mario Bros. (launch title)

Kirby's Dream World