Ember is a reboot of the Mika Sho franchise, with a completely new backstory for the character as well as a new style. It is a 2D beat-em-up that is said to bring new life to the character of Mika Sho and her story. 


The gameplay is a 2D beat-em-up, where the character has a starting set of moves that upgrades over time as new weapons and abilities are unlocked. The gameplay is comparable to that of the indie game Castle Crashers. 


An alien comet lands on earth and creatures known as flame slugs emerge from it. After Mika and her brother are infected by the flame slugs, they gain fire powers, however her brother goes missing that night. Mika know must traverse the world in search for her brother and eliminate the flame slugs. 

Playable Character

Mika Sho is the sole playable character in the game, and her personality shows a lot more here. She's energetic, adventurous, and is always ready for a fight or some other dangerous experience. Much like the early Sonic games, Mika Sho's personality is reflected in her idle movements. She uses pyrokinetic attacks. Mika Sho New Design!

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