Elvis and Pecan
Artwork by Exotoro
Full Name Elvis & Pecan
Current Age 7
Date of Birth  ?? Presumed August
Gender Male
Species Guinea Pigs
Align Heroes
Current Status Alive
Elvis and Pecan are two supposedly average guinea pigs that live in the Zaxinian Lifts, being minor characters that serve little purpose in the story other than to be cute and cuddly. They are a power duo that works their way over many obstacles together, eating food together and preserving the loveliness that nature is. That said, these guinea pigs are in actuality above normal - due to having being raised in an unusually toxic environment, their growth rate is slow-going and as such gives them extraordinarily long lifespans. They occasionally make appearances in the lore, often around the place where Fandraxono used to rule, and currently train under Chance Roulette to become useful assassins for the Resistance against Mallory Zin. In spite of this, they are still not involved in much and usually serve as a comic relief gag.

They are praised and adored by nearly any character in the Zaxinian Lifts, even by the villains they are wanting to stop.

Physical appearance

Elvis and Pecan are both small guinea pigs that are nearly identical in appearance aside from color. It should be noted, however, that Pecan is a little rounder than Pecan is and behaves relaxedly most of the time, while Elvis is thinner and tends to be more timid and panicky. Elvis has a small patch of fur on his stomach while Pecan has a few scars cut into his, as well. Pecan usually has poofier, more exaggerated hair than Elvis does - Elvis prefers to look trimmed and clean, which makes him a popular "ladies' man".


Both have limited personalities as they are guinea pigs, but their individual personality traits easily show. Elvis is usually seen as timid and shy when compared to his brother, and easily has his fur on end if he gets scared by something. He is always quick to defend his brother, though, after seeing him get wounded in a violent battle that involved Queen Mallory. However, Elvis is very annoyed by Pecan at times, thinking his jokes to be tiresome and unoriginal, especially thinking that his joke nickname "Pelvis" is super irritating. Nonetheless, he loves his sibling and protects him whenever he can.

Meanwhile, Pecan is way less shy and bites anything or anyone he's interested in, a habit that Elvis has tried to stop him from doing. Pecan is more hectic and reckless than his sibling is, and will go on a rampage if he's ever upset. He is very unfazed by many things; spiders don't even remotely freak him out and he doesn't seem to show any fear around beings many times his own size. However, he is defensive of Elvis and tries to keep him hidden from danger as his dark body makes it easy for people to not notice he's even on the floor to begin with. He always gets annoyed if Elvis becomes too paranoid to move - he always has to drag him away, much to his own annoyance.


Elvis and Pecan are both fast guinea pigs that scamper across floors fast and pass well as stealthy assassins of sorts. They can both climb up walls with their sharp nails and leap onto enemies to dig at them with their sharp, to-be-feared teeth. However, they are best with retreating with the information they currently know, quickly hopping their way through tight spaces and heated vents. They are also slightly skilled with weaponry; with their uncanny ability to stand on their hind legs, they can use one of their claws to hold a weapon and aim it with precision at any enemy they're looking towards.

Both have their own unique talents. Elvis runs faster than Pecan does and can scamper across short ceilings if he's fast enough and has expert dodging skills when compared to his slightly more sluggish sibling. Meanwhile, Pecan can roll into enemies and knock them down like a bowling ball and stand on his hind knees to scratch fearsomely and powerfully at his enemies. His bite is also stronger than Elvis'. Both can sniff out things, though Elvis tends to be better at sniffing danger and Pecan is objectively better at smelling food.



  • Elvis and Pecan used to be much like the actual guinea pigs Elvis and Pecan that Athena owned until July 2nd, 2018, where they got a big upgrade.

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