SSB Xenoblade Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Xenoblade
First Appearance Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015)
Home Stage Fallen Arm
Final Smash Hundred Shells


Elma is one of the eight main playable characters of Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is the central protagonist of the main story.

She is a BLADE colonel and the team leader of the Reclaimers Division. In the prologue, she is tasked with retrieving the Lifepods that were ejected from the United States Ark Ship, the White Whale. She is the first party member to join Cross after waking him or her from his or her Lifepod. Prior to Earth's destruction, she served as the colonel of the Coalition Heavy Armor Training Unit, or the "Skelleton Crew". She was a subordinate to the unnamed hero who repelled the attack on the White Whale as it crashed on Mira.
Source: Xenoblade Wiki


- : Shadowstrike - TBA (TBA)

> : Side Slash-  TBA (TBA)

^ : Air Slash -  TBA (TBA)

v : Ghost Factory -  TBA (TBA)

F : Hundred Shells -  TBA (TBA)

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