The BlADE Captain
Universe Xenoblade SymbolXenoblade
Recent Game Wii U Xenoblade Chronicles
Availability Starter
Final Smash Skell/OC Gear

Elma makes her first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Hailing from the Xenolade Chronicles franchise, she is the captain of the BLADEs, a military organization tasked with protecting New Los Angelos. In addition, she is tasked with finding and retrieving people who are asleep in stasis pods around the world. She is a Fullmetal Jaguar, meaning she wields doubles blades as well as double guns. She utilizes these within combat in Super Smash Bros. to deliver quick and powerful combos.


Elma is a highly technical fighter that rewards players who know how to handle the character well. Due to the technical nature of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Elma appears to carry that over to Smash. On the outside, she hits fairly hard and has quick attack speed. Her jump is slightly below average and her walking and dashing speed is fairly slow. Her walking speed is one of the slowest in the game actually. However, beneath that, she has a number of mechanical gimmicks to her character that drastically changes how she is played:

  • Dual Swords/Dual Guns: Elma wields both Dual Blades and Dual Guns but she can only utilize them one at time requiring her to switch them out using the Neutral Special, Fullmetal Jaguar. Both have their own unique move sets and attributes. Dual Blades deal more damage and have higher attack speed but reduced range as well are rather laggy. Dual Guns have amazing range and quick to start up but deal less damage and knockback.
  • Deterioration Mechanic: As she uses one of the dual weapons over time, it will deteriorate causing less damage and slowing down her speed. Switching it out for the other dual weapon begins to heal the weapon and sets Elma's damage and attack speed back to normal. If she tries to switch before the deterioration percentage hits 50%, there will be significant lag added to the start up and ending animations. You can tell the weapons are at 50% by the sudden decrease in damage and knockback output as well as how her attack speed slows down.
  • Stat Boosts: Much like Shulk, Elma is able to boost her own stats through two different attacks: Datapod and Soul Voice. Datapod can be used to gather data on a nearby fighter and use it to momentarily improve Elma's stats in a way that gives her an upper hand against her opponent. The special move does have it's glaring weaknesses though. Soul Voice summons an encouraging word from one of her Xenoblade Chronicles X teammates. The Soul Voice will moderately boost only one of her stats or attributes.
  • Captain Mechanic: Elma sees herself as a natural born leader and has significant experience on the battlefield and forming strategies. Therefore, within team battles; she has a very slight increase in damage output and movement speed that increases based on how many are on her team. However, if a team member dies, she decreases in stats. If a team member gets a kill, she increases slightly in stats.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack (Dual Sword) Dual Slash, Dual Slash, Sual Storm 4%, 3%, 1.3%, 3% Elma slashes forward once with her blade followed by a second slash. She then repeatedly stabs forward; stabbing the opponent followed by a final upward slash as the jab finisher.
Neutral Attack (Dual Gun) Gun Volley 1% Elma fires forward, dealing continuous damage. While the A button can be held down to elongate the attack, it slows down within time and the hitstun applied to opponents as well.
Forward Tilt (Dual Blades) Xenoslash 8% Resembles the Jab Finisher as Elma slashes upwards from a downward angle but spins while performing it. It knocks opponents upwards.
Forward Tilt (Dual Guns) Xenoshoot 4% Elma fires a single round of simultaneous fire from her Dual Guns with the right one hitting slighter earlier than the left.
Up Tilt (Dual Sword) Aerial Slash 6% Elma slashes upwards in a half-crescent movement. It is good at protecting Elma and comes out very quickly and ends without lag.
Up Tilt (Dual Gun) Fire Splash 1.3% Elma waves her gun above her head with one pass; spraying bullets above her. Each bullet has a hit box and she fires four rounds with each totaling up to 5.2% though it is only possible for both to connect from point blank range,
Down Tilt (Dual Swords) Ground Slasher 7% Elma slashes along the ground. Quick and deals decent knockback.
Down Tilt (Dual Gun) Point Blank 7% Elma fires an explosive round that has very short range but does higher damage and knockback than the other Dual Gun standards.
Dash Attack (Dual Sword) Dash Slash 8%, 4% (one), 3% (foot) Elma dashes low to the ground with her foot facing forward. As she passes, she slashes with her swords on both sides. Both of them do 8% total if they connect or 4% if only one connects. The foot can also do damage.
Dash Attack (Dual Gun) Dash Burst 2%, 2%, 2%, 3% (foot) Elma dashes low to the ground with her foot facing forward. As she passes, she fires three shots back behind her ashs eh travels with each hit doing 2% and doing a total of 6% damage.
Forward Smash (Dual Swords) X Blade 15% (uncharged), 22% (charged) Elma crosses her swords together like an X and then slashes forward; dealing damage. It has a wide hitbox and great priority. Her strongest move but also has lag near the end of the attack.
Forward Smash (Dual Gun) Energy Blast 10% (uncharged), 16% (charged) Elma charges an energy blast and fires it which travel some distance away before exploding. It has a small blast radius but has great knockback. It will not explode upon contact with an opponent up close and will explode only when it reaches the end of the traveling portion of the animation. Charging it further increases the range and damage.
Up Smash (Dual Sword) Above Mira 16% (uncharged), 22% (charged) Elma jumps slightly into the air and performs three consecutive sword slashes which catches the opponent(s) and then launches them into the air.
Up Smash (Dual Gun) Above Mira 16% (uncharged), 22% (charged) Elma spins two rotations while firing her guns. The attack does 16-22% total damage and will juggle the opponent within a loop.
Down Smash (Dual Swords) BLADE Spin 18% (uncharged), 24% (charged) Elma slashes backwards with one sword and then forwards with the other sword. It does the most base damage for a Smash attack but has a short span between charged and uncharged damage. It comes out quick and is a reliable attack.
Down Smash (Dual Guns) Mira Gunner 12% (uncharged), 18% (charged) Elma kneels on the ground with one knee and holds out both guns at different directions; one to the right and the other to the left. She then fires them; dealing hitstun and damage. It has slight start up and ending lag.
Neutral Aerial (Dual Swords) Captain Combo 5%, 4% Elma slashes downwards and then stabs forward with her sword. It has ending lag if shorthopped but does two attacks at 9% damage. The stab has the most knockback if it connects at the very tip.
Neutral Aerial (Dual Guns) Execution 2.5% Elma sprays a wave of bullets then does 2.5% damage each hit. It is capable of delivering 4 hits thus totaling to 10% damage. However, the bullets are spray out and is fairly hard to connect two or three of the damage and almost impossible to connect all 4.
Forward Aerial (Dual Swords) Centrifuge 4%, 7% (slow), 9% (fast) Elma slashes once, spins, and uses her momentum to perform a second swing The second swing does the most damage if Elma is mpbomh forward quickly rather than slowly while in the air.
Forward Aerial (Dual Guns) Gunning Drill 1.6% Elma stretches out and spins horizontally while firing. The attack is capable of six individual hits dealing 9.6% damage altogether. It has long landing lag; especially when short hopped and can be punished. However, it does slightly cause Elma to slow her descent but just barely. In addition, due to the nature of the attack, all of the hits may not actually connect.
Back Aerial (Dual Swords) Backstab 7% A weaker dual sword attack. Elma slashes backwards while slightly looking back. It does more knockback at the tip of the sword. Fairly quick.
Up Aerial (Dual Blades) Sky Thorn 4%, 4%, 4% Elma stabs upward three times with her swords; first the right, then the left, and then the lift. It will catch the opponent and then launch them with the final stab. It has good range for a Dual Blade attack.
Up Aerial (Dual Guns) Heaven Blaster 10% Elma fires up a slightly charged energy blast that has short range but explodes; dealing higher damage and knockback compared to most Dual Gun attacks.
Down Aerial (Dual Swords) Guillotine 3% (loop), 7% (descent), 4% (impact) Elma performs a full rotation with her sword; dealing up to 2 hits with her swords at 3% damage. She then descends to the ground with her swords. It can Elmacide if performed over the ledge.
Down Aerial (Dual Guns) Air to Land 2.1% (loop) Elma flips upside down and releases a stream of bullets that has decent range. The attack doesn't deliver all of the hits but it is good to knock opponents downwards. It can deliver up to 5 hits. It has start up and ending lag.
Grab --- --- Elma grabs the opponent with one hand.
Pummel Knee Crusher 2.8% Fast pummel; Elma knees the opponent.
Forward Throw Kicking Launch 6% Elma jumps up and kicks the opponent away.
Back Throw Fist Pound 7% Elma takes the opponent and slams the them behind her using her fist.
Up Throw High Rise Kick 12% Most deadly throw, she kicks the opponent three times which launches them upwards.
Down Throw Death Stomp 7.5% Elma jumps up slightly and then slams her heels into the opponent; spiking the opponent upwards.
Floor Attack (front/back) Breakdance 5.2% Elma spins on her hands and kicks on both sides before popping up to her feet.
Floor Attack (trip) Leg Sweep 4% Elma sweeps her legs forward; hitting the opponent below.
Edge Attack Dashing Slide 4% Weak but propels Elma further along the ground.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Fullmetal Jaguar 0% Elma equips either her Dual Guns or Dual Blades, depending on which ones was equipped first. It takes time to switch the item out. This special move is important as the Dual Gun and the Dual Blades dull after time and need to be switched out to maximize their damage. If she switches out for either the Dual Gun or the Dual Swords before a begin to deteriorate; it causes severe start up lag with switching them out. This is the only Special that is both on the Set A and Set B.
Custom 1 Fullmetal Cheetah 0% The switch is much faster with zero lag which allows Elma to combo out of the switch.
Custom 2 Fullmetal Sabertooth 8% (blade), 2% (gun) Elma equips either the Dual Blades or the Dual Guns and launches an attack that deals damage. It is slower than the default but it lands damage.
Side Special Shadow Strike 8% Elma will vanish and then reappear. During this vanishing time, Elma can slightly indicate where she will appear. She can only move horizontally, not vertically. She performs a strike that does damage and, if the attack is a clean hit, causes the opponent to become dazed. Not getting a clean hit results in the opponent just receiving hitstun.
Custom 1 Ultra Shadow Strike 13% It has more time to move Elma but has less distance compared to the default. It does more damage with the clean hit delivering more knockback compared to the default.
Custom 2 Rising Shadow Strike 6% It allows Elma to travel more vertically than the default thus aiding in potential recovery. She performs a meteor strike if the attack is a clean hit.
Up Special Lighting Saw 2.3% (loop) Elma spins upwards while using her dual blades. They release an electrical element that stuns opponents and carries them upwards followed by a hit that has more knockback. It has a diagonal trajectory but is more vertical than horizontal.
Custom 1 Thunder Saw 10% Less traveling distance but it causes knockback upon contact with the opponent.
Custom 2 Wild Lightning Saw 0% It doesn't deliver damage but it propels Elma much higher into the air.
Down Special Datapod 0% Elma launches a datapod onto the stage. It will embed itself into the ground or hover in the air when launched. It will then release a scanner which will scan a nearby opponent. It will scan the nearest opponent within its field and then relate its findings back to Elma. When this happens, her stats are altered to give her a slight edge over the opponent. If it cannot scan an opponent, it will vanish after scanning. The pod is fairly weak and can be destroyed easily. In addition, after performing a scan and transfer successfully, Elma is unable to perform that is attack for a while as it it has avery long cooldown period. The stat alteration typically lasts for 19 seconds.
Custom 1 Enhanced Scanner 0% The datapod has an enhanced scanner that gives it much larger radius compared to the default but the stat alteration period is shorter at 10 seconds.
Custom 2 Attack Datapod Varies The Datapod acts as a absorber and aborbs the damage of the attack that it was hit with and releases it with a blast that deals the same amount of damage.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Fullmetal Jaguar 0% Elma equips either her Dual Guns or Dual Blades, depending on which ones was equipped first. It takes time to switch the item out. This special move is important as the Dual Gun and the Dual Blades dull after time and need to be switched out to maximize their damage. If she switches out for either the Dual Gun or the Dual Swords before a begin to deteriorate; it causes severe start up lag with switching them out. This is the only Special that is both on the Set A and Set B.
Custom 1 Fullmetal Cheetah 0% The switch is much faster with zero lag which allows Elma to combo out of the switch.
Custom 2 Fullmetal Sabertooth 8% (blade), 2% (gun) Elma equips either the Dual Blades or the Dual Guns and launches an attack that deals damage. It is slower than the default but it lands damage.
Side Special Ghost Stage 14% (clean), 10% (late) Dixie Kong can cook the grenade and then toss it; causing an explosion which launches opponents upwards. It will also bounce along the ground before exploding.
Custom 1 Large Orange Grenade 18% (clean), 14% (late) The grenade is much larger and bounces less but it has a larger impact radius and more damage output.
Custom 2 Sticky Orange Grenade 12% It will stick to the opponent or the ground upon being thrown. It does less damage and knocks opponents upwards. It can be detached.
Up Special Nav Ball 5%, 12% Elma releases a Nav Ball which she can slightly steer using the control stick. The ball can damage opponents as it passes by but only delivers hitstun. Upon letting go of the special button or reaching the end of the Nav Balls path, Elma will vanish and reappear at where the ball stopped. If she reappears right next to an opponent, she will slash forward with her dual blade; launching them away.
Custom 1 Hover Mode 4%, 10% The Nav Ball flies straight up and will slightly knock any opponent within its path. Elma will vanish and reappear where the Nav Ball stopped and, much like the default, will perform an attack if she is right next to an opponent. The attack will launch opponents downwards.
Custom 2 Roam Ball 0% It has extended traveling distance and is generally quicker but the ball nor Elma will do damage.
Down Special Soul Voice 0% Elma will perform a Soul Voice. A character from within Xenoblade Chronicles X will then say something which has the chance of increasing one of Elma's stats. When performing the Soul Voice, Elma will begin to sparkle and a red circle will appear around her. Once it gets over here, it will flash green. Letting go of the special button initiates the Soul Voice. Letting go before causes it to cancel and ending lag. There are 10 in total and the character who says the line is randomized:
  • "The blade strikes the opponent with fear more than any other weapon!" (Increases blade attack launch)
  • "The gun is best used to delivering pain from a distance!" (increases gun damage)
  • "That's it, Elma! Keep on attacking!" (increases standard attacks damage and launch)
  • "Confuse your opponents with advanced techniques and keep them on their feet!" (increases special moves damage and launch)
  • "Run, Elma! Your opponent can't keep up with your speed!" (increases speed)
  • "The best offense is a good defense! Keep your guard up!" (increases defense)
  • "We once came from Earth! Reach for the stars!" (increases jump)
  • "Buckle down and don't give the enemies an inch!" (Increases knockback resistance)
  • "Show your opponents your power and throw them down!" (increases throwing damage)
  • "Dodging isn't for cowards! A true warrior dances about the battlefield!" (increase speed and duration of evasive moves)
Custom 1 Soul Whisper 0% It is slower and easier to get the Soul Voice to initiate but the amount a stat is increased is severely decreased from the default.
Custom 2 Soul Scream 5% It is faster but has start up and ending lag during the attack. Upon activation, it releases a hitbox that launches opponents.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Skell 2.5% (gattling gun), 8% (missile), 7% (beam sword), 12% (vehicle ram) Elma summons the Skell, Formula. She is capable of piloting the Skell in the area and deliver powerful gattling gun attacks, missile attacks, and beam sword attacks. In addition, by pressing the special button, she can transform the Shell into it's Vehicular mode and ram into opponents. The vehicle will begin to hover if it goes over the ledge.
Final Smash 2 OC Gear Varies All of Elma's attacks lack any lag and can be combos. In addition, her attacks deliver hitstun that paralyzes opponents thus allowing Elma to lay down tons of attacks. She is impervious to knockback and hitstun with super armor but not damage at this time. At the end of the Final Smash, the opponents all experience knockback that were paralyzed and damaged.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Elma fluffs out her hair and looks back behind her. (Up)
  • Points her right sword/arm at the opponent and says "You will be defeated." (Right)
  • Elma strikes a pose where her hand is held slightly in front of her face and she makes a fist. She then says "For NLA!" (Left)
  • Elma does a stretch by bending down and stretching out her leg. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Thrusts out her hand and says "All right, move out!"
  • Unsheathes her Dual Swords and slashes at the screen.
  • Salutes

On Screen Appearance

  • Steps out from a Lifepod.
  • Flies into the stage from a Skell and jumps out and poses.
  • Arrives from an elevator that rises from the floor and steps out.

Victory Animations

  • Elma performs several slashes with her Dual Swords and says "We will fight for our future!"
  • Elma folds her arms together and looks to the side as if sad and says "I long for a place to call home."
  • Points her Dual Guns to the right and to the left and says "All squads, move out!".
  • Elma brushes some dust off from her outfit and says "That wasn't too hard."
  • Cross appears next to her and Elma says "Cross, did you get enough battle data?" Cross says "Yes, ma'am!"
  • Elma does a thumbs up and turns around and begins to walk away off into the distance.

Fan Cheer

Male/female cheer "GO GO ELMA!"

Losing Animation

  • Elma is clapping with a slight smile.
  • Elma holds her hand over her head and appears dizzy.
  • Elma breathing heavily with one eye closed and leaning slightly forward.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of 1:13 to 1:25 from the song "MONOX".

flourished remix] of "Codename Z" that starts at 3:33.

Fighting Stance

(Dual Guns) Elma has the guns pointing downwards with her body facing the camera. She has a slight sway in her stance. (Dual Swords) Elma has the guns pointing downwards with her body facing the camera. She has a slight sway in her stance.

Idle Poses

  • Slightly raises her guns/swords and then points them back down.
  • Looks to the right and to the left.
  • Suddenly bends down slightly and looks to the background and then straightens back up.
  • Holds her hand with either the sword or gun as well over her eyes as if peering into the distance.

Misc Animations


Elma kneels on the ground on one leg with the dual weapons pointed downwards.


Elma maintains her upper body posture but brings her legs up closer to her while jumping.


Elma performs a tuck n tumble dive.


Elma walks slowly and is easily the slowest walk in the game. She maintains a rather relaxed, casual posture.


Elma runs forward similar in fashion to the running animations found in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Elma lays on the ground on her stomach with her legs slightly curled up and her hands resting on her head.


Elma trips and lands on her butt.


Elma sways back and forth on both feet while trying to use her hands to balance herself out.

Home-Run Bat

Sheathes her weapons and uses the home-run bat. Slight start up lag.

Star KO

Goes "KYAAAAAAA!" as she fades away.

Screen KO

Slams into the screen with her body slightly turned to where she hits on her side. One arm is postured above her head and the other held back behind her a bit. She has both eyes closed.


Elma's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Elma (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Elma (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Business Elma

Unlock: Boss Battle


Swimwear Elma

Unlock: Boss Battle


Elma (Ghost Stage)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Elma (Datapod)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Elma (White)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Elma (Yellow)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Elma (Right)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Alien Armor

Unlock: Complete a Elma Character Challenge


Unlock: All Star Mode

OC Gear

Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Red Red Default coloration for Elma Starter
Black Black Coloration resembles Lynlee. Starter
Brown Brown Coloration resembles Van Damme. Starter
Grey Grey Coloration resembles Guin. Starter
Purple Purple Coloration resembles Irina Starter
Green Green Coloration is based on Tatsu. Starter
White White Coloration is slightly based on Douglas but with a more lighter tone. Starter
Navy Blue Navy Blue Coloration is based on Lao. Starter
Blue Blue Coloration is based on Ru. Starter
Yellow Yellow Coloration is based on the default model for Cross. Starter
Uniform Elma Black Elma wearing a [black suit with dark grey skirt. Elma_suit.png] Locked
Swimwear Elma White Elma's white [swimwear outfit EFWi91q.jpg]. Locked
Alien Armor Cyan [Elma's Alien Armor Elma_Alien_armor.JPG] Locked

Reveal Trailer

"Find What We Lost"

Time: 3:00 Scene: On top of an airship

The trailer first starts off with the Smash logo and cuts into an overhead view of an airship. Standing on the airship is Mario, Link, Shulk, Kirby, and Ness. Standing on the helm of the ship is a gigantic Bowser who has magically increased in size. The character assembled all prepare their battle stances as Bowser roars loudly. Suddenly, a laugh is heard and Bowser Jr. zooms in from above followed by all of the Koopalings. The characters look around themselves as they all ringed in my foes.

However, another laughing voice rings out in the air and the characters look around for its source. The sky darkens and a massive figure descends from above. Landing onto the ship is none of than Metal Face, the enemy of Shulk. Shulk grits his teeth and readies his Monado while everyone slightly backs away. Bowser looks up at Metal Face and roars loudly; baring his fangs. Metal Face says:

"You dare look at me?! I WILL KILL YOU!" and slams a claw right into Bowser; launching him off the airship. Bowser Jr. and the Kooaplings shriek in terror and follow in suit; jumping off as well. Metal Face then turns his gaze to the assembled team and laughs evilly.

"TIME FOR SOME SLAUGHTER" He screams and slashes the Airship in half. The heroes begin to plummet down to earth while wreckage of the airship falls into them. Metal Face can be seen transforming into his jet form and taking off. Mario looks down and sees the ground fast approaching. He closes his eyes but suddenly lands onto something. Looking up, he finds himself in the hand of a massive mechanic being. The head of the mechanic being looks down and a light shines within its eyes.

The scene then changes to it taking off and catching Link, Shulk, Kirby, and Ness as well. The suit of armor lands on the ground and places the heroes down lightly. It then looks up to where Metal Face is hovering in the air and takes off.

"So you fancy yourself a hero? Don't you know heroes ALWAYS DIE?!" Metal Face attempts to slash at the giant mech but it nimbly dodges the attack and slashes at Metal Face with a beam sword; effectively cutting off a arm much to Metal Faces pain and anger. It then shoots off into the sky and opens up all of its missiles.

Metal Face stares upwards and says "YOU LITTLE PIECE OF....!!!!" but before he can continue the phrase, the giant mech releases a huge payload of missiles with blast off towards Metal Face. The missiles ignite in a huge explosion and severely damages Metal Face. As the smoke clears out, he is seen badly burnt with portions of his body missing.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" he screams! Suddenly, a small black shadow ejects from the cockpit and launches itself into the air. It arches and descends down into Metal Face. The shadowy figure takes a sword and slams it into Metal Face; causing him to scream. The hit causes another large explosion and launches Metal Face high into the air, screaming.

The group of heroes watch in amazement as the figure falls down to the ground and lands. The camera pans up from the characters feet to finally the face where, by this time, the figure has turned to show her face. The splash screen shows the title ELMA. She takes her Dual Swords and points them up to the sky and says:

"We will fight for our future...this planets future...together!" This cues the transition into gameplay footage (note: she speaks during the game play footage):

  • Elma appears on the stage New Los Angeles through her default stage entrance animation. "I will stand my ground and fight on this field!"
  • Elma dashes forward and does a her dash attack against Link and then followed by her side smash. (Dual Swords) "I can attack enemies with my swords!"
  • She then switches to her Dual Guns which cuts to the next scene. "Or I can switch to guns to deliver damage from a distance."
  • Elma is performs her standard jab combo followed by an up smash on Toon Link.
  • Performs her right taunt.
  • She then performs Shadow Strike followed by Lightning Saw. She says these names while performing them.
  • She then stands with Link, Shulk, Mario, and Sonic on either side. "I can call upon the voices of my allies to strengthen my resolve!"
  • She uses Soul Voice is bolsters her attack and she attacks all four characters as they go to attack her. "You will know my wraith!"
  • Elma uses Datapod to collect information. "I can use datapods to collect information and gain an advantage in battle..."
  • But Toon Link knocks Elma out from the datapods area. "...if I go away from it, I will lose that advantage!"
  • It then shows a character going to attack Elma who has the Dual Guns equipped and manages to dodge her fire. Upon the attack, she dodges and them switches to Dual Swords and hits the opponent. "I can easily adapt on the battlefield. That's what being a BLADE is all about."
  • Elma is seen standing next to three other Elma's and she says "A BLADE always comes dressed for the occasion."
  • Elma does her right and left idle pose and then her Up taunt while saying "I come prepared for anything!"
  • The scene changes and shows Elma glowing. She says "Like this!"

She summons her Skell and jumps into the cockpit. It then cuts to a very brief portion of the gameplay with the Skell where it fires missiles and machine gun fire at opponents.

  • The scene then fades to the Super Smash Bros. 5 logo.

The final scene shows the gigantic Bowser laying on the ground; dizzy from landing. He hears a whistling sound and looks up to find Metal Face crashing down on top of him; resulting in a huge dust club. Both Bowser and Metal Face, dizzy with pain, get up only to have the Skell crash on top of them as well resulting in a huge explosion.


  • Elma is the first character to be included in Super Smash Bros. that starts with an "E".

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