Elliot Raptor, a young and strange young man from another dimension, is a character used in very much the same way as Darklight industrie's other character Serras-Kai, appearing in all of their crossover games yet having very few of their own. When asked about this, Darklight mearly stated "we have yet to find a role that suits them at this time."


Elliot Raptor, usually called Raptor, is antisocial, quiet and in one word, pathetic. He has little self-confidence and, on tp of that, very little power either. His sole ability is in this, however- he is actually able to devour the emotions of others in order to strengthen himself. This disturbing and rather strange practice has lead him to be an outcast from most of his friends, and he believes that anyone he comes into contact with will eventually leave him in the same way. These factors have built themselves into a terrible case of paranoia as well as an entirely different personality by the name of Never-Raptor.


When Elliot is distressed, he will often relinquish control of his body to "the Darkness," an embodyment of his doubts and fears within him. This causes a surge of unnatural power, however, it only lasts for so much time. While his powers do increase a substantial amount, they still lack the descisive puch needed to win most fights.

Kingdom Hearts: Another story

Late into the story, Ivo is captured by an enemy outside of both the heartless and the nobodies. The enemies do not make mention of themselves, instead, they force Ivo and Pod to take Raptor with them, if only for a short while, to meet up with Serras-Kai. Upon finding him, Raptor immediately attacks Kai, and Ivo is forced to choose who he wishes to aid in the fight. Should Raptor win, Kai will be turned into a heartless and both that heartless and his nobody must be dealt with (although the nobody does not make its appearence until much later.) Should Raptor lose, he will immediately turn into a creature known as Twin Mora, a parody enemy of Twin Rova, and thus fighting both Raptor's nobody and his heartless at the same time on two seperate occasions.

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