EllieIconEllie Rinne
Art of Ellie by Bean
Full Name Ellie Rinne
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Blomgrem Village
Current Status Alive
Class Barbarian
Main Weapon(s) War Axe
Vulnerable To Magic
Nationality Printipelian
Height 5'9
Series The Last Valkyrie
Ellie Rinne, also known as Wrath by the beings of The Underworld, is the main titular character in The Last Valkyrie. Ellie is a young farmhand living with her mother when fighting erupts again in her country, prompting the government to draft her and many others into the army. When she goes to inform her mother, she finds the mishcevious spirit Avaritia dragging her mother into an otherworldly realm and follows suit. In the realm she is confronted by the king of the underworld, Helreginn, who promises her that he will return her mother if she hunts down five evil spirits and follows his whims. She agrees, setting in motion the rest of the game's plot.

Ellie is also one of the mascots of Studio Lillie and their games.


Ellie is a short and stout farmhand from eastern Printepel. She has very light skin complexion, easily comparable with those of Scandinavians in the real world, and bright blonde hair that flows down the entire length of his back. She always wears two long white gloves and a blue headband to keep her hair from flowing in her face. She usually wears a long dress with blue frills and a ruff at the top. This elegant attire is derived from her mothers wish to give her the best life despite their families poor wealth. Thus, even though she detests elegance and beauty, she continues to wear the costume for the rest of the game as a tribute to her mother. Most importantly is her left eye, which appears completely black, as opposed to her normal and light colored right eye. This is attributed to an accident as a child, although no one knows any specifics.

Ellie's face is almost always adorned with a scowl, complementing her tight and rough personality. Both her harsh life on the farm, draft into the army, and loss of her mother has led her to powerful anger that comes out in her every action. In contrast to the other characters she meets, she is loud, mean, and refuses to hold back when she believes that someone is in the wrong. Despite this, she can sometimes be a very caring individual, but her tolerance of strangers leads most to believe that she is coldhearted. Her anger, however, allots her great strength, allowing her to yield large battle axes that a young teenager would normally not be able to even pick up. However, she is almost useless when it comes to casting magic spells, as her anger prevents her from concentrating on such a complex and orchestrated art. She would much rather charge right into battle with little plan and crush the skulls of anyone in her path.


Ellie has a large variety of attacks at her disposal. Most notable about her is that every one of her attacks, even her basic axe swing, drains some amount of Spirit Energy from the opponent; this makes her very important in every battle, as well as for harvesting Essense. Her basic axe swing is rather powerful, while her ranged tomahawk attack has less power but is still useful when the player does not desire to expend more Stamina than needed. 



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