Let's see how you're town is doing, Mayor!.. Well, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but Doomulus Grime is going to come and try to destroy us all some day soon! But other then that, the town is looking good.
Ellen after being asked about a progress report

Ellen (Fantendo Crossing)
The mayor's assistant
Full Name Ellen
Date of Birth December 20th
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class Assistant
Main Weapon(s) Pencil Shooter
First Appearance Fantendo Crossing
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Ellen is the mayor's assistant in Fantendo Crossing. Her and the mayor are a great team! When her shift is done, she acts like a normal villager!


Ellen is very trustworthy and loyal! She will always be with the mayor through thick and thin! She does have her serious side! She can tolerate almost any villian, except Doomulus Grime. Though she is tough on the outside, she is soft on the inside.


Ellen is a dog that is yellow, has black glasses, red, blue, green, and black hair, a black sweater, a black shirt with an eye and green and pruple points around it, stockings on her arms, black gloves, a black & white striped skirt, and black boots.


Fantendo CrossingEdit

Ellen's first appearence in a game is in Fantendo Crossing. She is the mayor's assistant tht will help him with almost anything! After her shift is over at 6:00 P.M, she acts sort of like a normal villager! She can even get sick, too!

Fantendo Smash Bros. ShatteredEdit

Ellen is set to appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered as an assist. She will punt anyone who threatens the summoner with her leather shoes!

Fantendo Sports ResortEdit

Ellen appears in Fantendo Sports Resort as an NPC. She will sell you colored seeds that you can plant.



Brian (the default villager character) has a big meaning in Ellen's heart! Though she doesn't show it to often, Brian is like the brother she never had!

Doomulus GrimeEdit

With him trying to destroy the mayor's town, she obviously doesn't like Doomulus Grime. She finds that he is annoying, repetitive, disrespectful, and rotten!


  • She is Isabelle & Digby's twin, making her the thrid triplet
  • She was originally going to just be a green Isabelle named Ellebasi, but thanks to Exo's redesign, she wasn't