Ella Metals is a movie directed by Sorastitch (tbc). It will follow the first two games.

Otherwise, not much is known about it other than it's release of 2013.


The film starts off with Donny and Daisy's wedding day, where Donny does a few heroic deeds before going to the church. Along the way, he comes across his nemesis, Amy Atom. About to finally defeat her, before being interrupted by a distress call. Amy gets away, having planted the fake distress call. Donny narrowly avoids being blown up at the distress point, and makes it to the church where he and Daisy get married.

The film skips a few years into the future. Ella is trying to stop a massive crime wave in the city. She enlists the help of her friends, and stops the thugs, who are enlisted into Samuel's therapy.

Meanwhile, Ella sees a mysterious woman by the Vine-Vile Meteor, and before she get close, she is 3 feet in the ground. After burying herself out, the woman is gone, but Ella notices a fragment of the rock is gone. Ella decides to go home, but bumps into a bandaged detective. The bandaged detective asks her what she is doing near the meteor, but doesn't get a answer as she runs off.

Ella learns that Lerson is planning to make his own company. She investigates with Andy, and finds out that the woman at the meteor is Amy Atom. Amy Atom gives the chunk of meteor to Lerson, and empties out the factory. Andy is spotted, by dripping spaghetti on the floor of the unfinished factory.

After narrowly escaping, Ella decides to take a break from investigating. Two years later, the factory is finished.



"Yeah, I'm writing the story and what not. The idea is to have the first two games along with a plot of my own wrapping around it. Hopefully there won't be too much going on." - Sorastitch, on the plot.

"I actually created the idea for Five, but I wasn't really being specific on what I wanted him to be so Stelios wrote him as a villian. I'm directing this movie by myself, so I'll write him the way I intended him to be." - Sorastitch, on the inclusion of Five.


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