A list of enemies that appear in Ella-Metals 3. They each have a gradually increasing stats range as the game goes on, but the hits can be more down to probability between a ever increasing range, the HP isn't likely to change from a different enemy of the same species.

Image Name Description Level Range Damage Range
Black pawn Black Pawn

Phantoms made by Kaisser as infantry for his control on vin Black Pawns are human like, having red, hollow eyes, are dark and transparent and don black robes.

1-50 10-30
Black Pawn Elite Elite Pawns whom have gained power and authority in the Black Army. They are more well armed that regular Black Pawns and are more able when it comes to combat. They can be distinguished by their blue glowing eyes and a skull emblem on their backs. 15-60 10-30
Black Knight Apparitions of Knights which died on the battlefield against their foes. Black knights wear dark armor and the only visible part of their bodies is their eyes, which glow a bright red. Black Knights are fairly elite in Kaisser's forces, appearing later in the game. 30-50 30-40
Black Pawn Rider These black pawns are highly skilled with a spear and a horse. They have more defence that most of enemies, and are more agile, which makes them very dangerous. 30-60 20-50
Black Reaper It's like a black pawn but it's tall and cloaked and has a huge scythe that also shoots rockets 30-60 20-50
Samuel Think Samuel is here to train you and make up for his previous mistakes. Teach the teacher a lesson! 10 (Mini-boss) 1-3
Nessie The VineVille loch ness beast has been disturbed a lot in recent years, so it's payback time. Battle her and tame the beast. Ever since Kaisser has arrived, she's been feeling a disturbance. 10 (Boss) 10
Detonator Well look what Kaisser's reawakened, looks like he's continued the ever lasting project and the middle firing found pounding tank Detonator is here. 40 (Boss) 40-50
Terryn Commander of Kaisser's black knight forces spawned by the spirit of the war leader Terryn. He had become paranoid after revival and developed a vendetta against VineVille due to it being the targeted nation his raid. He is more disturbing than other Black Knights, With Spider legs grown onto his back and his skull under his helmet. 60 (Boss) 60-80
Five He's forever been in the hiding sneaking around VineVille, but the seemingly age old Five figure is here to battle with mysterious blows. 70 (Boss) 70-90
Stella Girlfriend of Kaisser, Stella is one of the commanders of the Black Army and controls them during her working hours in an office of a study on Elemental Powers. At her death, she is kicked out of the office window by Ella, Falling onto her car and setting off it's alarm. 80 (Boss) 100-150

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