Elize Bolt
Elize Bolt
Current Age 20
Date of Birth March 1st
Gender Female
Species Human cyborg
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Dependent
First Appearance Vanilla Ice Cream

Elize Bolt is a cybernetic girl with the ability to copy the abilities of others and use them for her as her own, as well as modifying said abilities. The trade-off for this is that space for powers she copies is limited. She can also copy personality traits, although deep down all she is an very scared, very anxious, emotional being.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Elize appears alongside Alcyone in this Fantendo Now episode. While not a part of the main plot, it seems they have some kind of relationship, and it may be more than friendly. Elize also mentions fighting Unten and Strafe in this episode.


Elize is unique as a robot as she is able to adapt to almost any ability existent, able to copy guns, physical weapons, projectiles, and a lot more, although she has limited memory space so she can't hold too much. She can also change her weapons and abilities' properties, like she can change a fire attack into an ice attack at will.

While a very powerful tool, if she is hit too hard, specifically in the head or chest, she will lose all that extra data and be "rebooted", starting from square one, revealing her original personality and her real lack of abilities.


Elize, without additional personality traits, is a very anxious being who seems to be about scared of most things. Not sure who she really wants to be, she just wants to be pleasing to others, despite having to take other personality traits to achieve that. As Elize picks up additional personality traits, her personality expands, and the more she takes in, the more the anxious feelings disappear (although it can all be reset back to square one).

Relationships with Other Characters


She is pretty friendly with her fellow bounty hunter and the two share a kiss and ice cream during the episode Vanilla Ice Cream.



  • Elize Bolt is actually a collaboration effort between .snickedge (tbc) and Exotoro (tbc), combining their ideas.