Elite Lunater
EliteLunater PMTAB
An Elite Lunater.
Species Lunaters
Location Lunatic Empire
Count Darkow
Ability/ies Lunatic Punch, Lunatic Slam, Lunatic Barrage, Powerify
Elite Lunaters are high-ranking Lunaters members of the Lunatic Nation. They are the strongest Lunater underlings. Elite Lunaters are more distinguished by their black and red coloration, probably to signify their rank. Elite Lunaters are rarer than others as they are sent on special missions or tasks. They only appear in the Crystal Sanctuary and Lunatic Empire during Chapter 9 and Chapter 10, respectively. In Crystal Sanctuary, they infiltrated along with Merlunar and other Lunaters while Mario managed to open the sanctuary entrance. They are later seen in Lunatic Empire guarding specific areas. They are tougher than regular Lunaters but otherwise share most attacks.


  • HP: 12
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 1
  • Log: The high-ranking members of the Lunatic Nation. These little guys are actually pretty tough, they can charge their power. They probably got some kind of buff...
  • Tattle: This is an Elite Lunater. Out of all the soldiers, they seem to be the highest ranked ones, y'know, like the tougher guys and stuff. They're powerful, and very dangerous if they charge their attack power. These guys look like they drank something to get stronger. That's so fair, 'nuff said.
  • Attacks: Lunatic Punch (5), Lunatic Barrage (5x2), Lunatic Slam (5), Powerify (+5 Attack)

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