Elite Fantasy II is the second game in the Elite Fantasy JRPG series. Unlike the first game, the characters are entirely customizable.

Character Customization

At the beginning of the game, you have to create four characters. Gender, hair, hair color, skin color, eye color, body shape, height, weight, name and class are all customizable.


  • Fighter: These classes are pretty fast and strong, but not to extreme levels. Pretty balanced. Wields a sword. Begins with the Bandanna and Adventurer's Clothes.
  • Knight: Much slower than Fighters, but more powerful. Wields a sword. Begins with the Helmet and Suit of Armor.
  • Black Mage: Casts powerful offensive spells, but physically weak. Wields a staff. Begins with the Crumpled Hat and Blue Robes.
  • White Mage: Casts healing and assist spells, but physically weak. Wields a staff. Begins with the White Hood and White Robes.
  • Monk: Does not fight with weapons, but very fast and strong. Begins with the White Belt.


(coming soon a real map)

This is just a list of locations for now.

  • Crimson Hollow: The starting town of the party. A distressing letter came from Giga Metropolis claiming that the three Elemental Orbs are out of balance. The party decides to go to do something about it.
  • Too Spook Forests: This forest is really spooky! There are skeletons and undead, and the party has to grind here for arbitrary reasons.
  • Giga Metropolis: The main town for the majority of the game. The Giga Metropolis is a huge city, constantly expanding and renovating. It has paths leading to the three Elemental Locales.
  • Tower of the Corrupted Flame: This tower is constantly moving and shifting around. At the top lies the Fire Lord Charcoal.
  • Basin of the Sunken Water: This pit is forever tunneling deeper into the planet, water filling each cave it comes across. At the bottom lies the Wave Lord Flotsam.
  • Platform of the Chaos Lightning: This platform is perpetually shaking, electrocuting anyone who comes without protection. In the middle lies the Spark Lord Nicholas.
  • The Citydel: This ancient tower was hidden under the building housing the Elemental Orbs. Several members of the Elder Civilization lie inside, still living as they once did thousands of years ago.
  • Ruins of the Forgotten Empress: Empress Talynn has rested here for ages, slowly destroying her home and rebuilding it over and over again. She waits for someone to battle so she can defend what little remains of the kingdom.
  • The Amethyst Passage: A small tunnel under the Empress's throne. Where does it lead?
  • The Craterous Maw: A living gorge in the middle of the planet. How long has it rested here?

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