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Nintendo EliteHD

Nintendo EliteHD
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Flamepeeps Media Entertainment

Release Date 6 October 2010
Best Selling Game New Super Mario World HD:The Secret Of The Stars
Series Elite Family Of Systems
Online Services



Nintendo Network

Nintendo Wifi Connection

Flamepeeps OnLine


Updated Model EliteVRX

The Nintendo EliteHD was built from remaining test parts of a 3DS. It was a test taken out by Flamepeeps to see how powerful the processor could be. The original test game was just a Mario platformer.


Here is a list of all the games.

New Super Mario World HD:The Secret Of The Stars

Sonic The Hedgehog Forever

Dillon And The New Sheriff

Stitch! The Game

Mario Krazy Kart

Pikmin: The New Adventures

New Super Mario 3D Land

Puzzle Bobble And Tetris

Zelda:The Secret Sage


Angry Birds Endless

Monkey Party With AiAi And Friends


Here are all of the (sadly) cancelled games:

List Of Cancelled Games
Name Reason
Dark Void: New Horizons (CAPCOM) The game was announced at E3 2011 and shortly after E3 ended, it was brought down.
EliteFun (Flamepeeps R&D1) No one really knows.
Sonic Xtreme Galaxy (SEGA And Nintendo) Too many failed tries at the original meant no one wanted to have another go.
Super Mario HD As the title kind of explains, this was just a tech demo showing Mario in HD.


Here's a list of every service:

Nintendo eShop

TV Remote Elite


Nintendo Video Plus

Elite OnLine



Internet Surf's Up

Amazon KindleReader

Sega JamminTunes

Nintendo Zone

FlipNote Movie Maker Deluxe

Media Player

Game Maker

DIY Store

Wario's Wares

Mii Factory

Club Lounge

BBC iPlayer (UK Only)

Food Shopping (Europe)

U.B Funkey Chat (US And UK Only)


Android Picks (2012 Update)

SEGACity (2012)

Festive Vids (Around Christmas Time)

Media Maker


SEGA's History With Flamepeeps Media Entertainment

Because SEGA were so eager to see this new SDK they begged for one. Flamepeeps' favorite developer is also SEGA as they are persistent.

Sonic Forever

SEGA's First Game For EliteHD,Sonic Forever.

Games developed by SEGA for the EliteHD:


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