Elise's artwork for RedYoshi's Universal Conquest

Elise is character from both the RedYoshi series and the Mario series. She is the twin sister of Rosalina and made her debut in the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest. Together with Rosalina, they watch over the cosmos as well as the Lumas. Elise claims that she was always compared to her bigger sister when they were little. She though that Rosalina never cared about her, which may be she was never mentioned Rosalina's storybook. However, after Rosalina went missing in the game, the Lumas came Elise for help, and she agreed. She helps RedYoshi find BlackYoshi and the Star Castle in the game. In return, RedYoshi also looked for Elise's missing sister. In the game, Elise is commonly found in the Library of the Comet Observatory. There, she will speak to RedYoshi about her family. Most of the time, it is negative views on her family, especially Rosalina. She will also talk about how she didn't know anything about the Lumas until they came to her for help.


  • Elise and Rosalina are the only human characters in the RedYoshi series.

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