Rarity Common
Alignment Neutral
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Foregone

Elves were the original inhabitants of Aeo and the creators of Magic. The first Humans on Aeo served the elves as slaves, until they managed to successfully rebel in Aereus, pushing the elves to Aelai where in-fighting lead to them forming two new communities which descended into the modern elves and the Orcs.

History Edit

The elves were the dominant species on Aeo from the beginning of known history, alongside the humans, who they forced into slavery, believing themselves to be the superior race. At some point, this attitude caused the elves to begin considering themselves above even the Fantendoverse itself, in particular the conflict between Order and Chaos. They began to aspire for the creation of a new universe for them to rule over and live in themselves.

In their search for a new home, they came across Oestus, a universe which laid close enough to the Fantendoverse for them to easily travel there. Unfortunately, however, Oestus was completely full of radioactive magic energy, which would make it unlivable. To solve this, they created the artifacts. These crystalline devices would draw magic from Oestus, cleanse it, and release it into the Fantendoverse. This had the extra benefit of allowing them to use the clean magic as a form of energy for themselves, creating many different spells.

Using this magic, they enslaved the humans and established settlements across the continent they named Aereus, establishing the early provinces which would remain mostly unchanged through to the modern age.

After a period of time, however, the humans grew resentful and successfully rebelled against the elves, forcing them to flee from Aereus to Aelai. There, they cultivated the growth of The Aerwoods, a forest where each tree was itself an artifact. A group of elves insisted they return to Aereus and wage war against the humans, but others felt that the Aerwoods were sufficient for the accomplishment of their goal. These two beliefs lead to a civil war, which ended with a small portion of the Aerwoods being burnt down, and a large amount of elves leaving or being banished from the Aerwoods (who would later become the orcs).