Elentic Febricity is totally not a redone attempt at a certain other thing what are you talking about


this is part of the character select screen W I P it is definitely not my favorite girls picture from my tumblr


Image Name Source Work Description
Chiefav Chie LCD DEM this is my waifu and i love her a lot, also shes me. literally so anyway chie is one of them yume nikki game protagonists who spends most of her time sleeping. unlike madotsuki and the like who refuse to leave their rooms, chie doesn't even have a door, what's up with that? well maybe there are some dark secrets. or maybe not play the game and find out. i love her
Nightbug Wriggle Nightbug Touhou Project wriggle kick!! wriggle nightbug is a super cute bug and a stage 1 boss who consequentially is not megapopular, that's okay though! usually she's portrayed as part of cirno's lil team and i think that's rad. she's cute is a firefly and has lil antennae and also, since it's touhou almost everyone in it has elaborate dresses and stuff, but wriggle just has shorts and also a cape and she's cool for that. she is not a boy don't let people tell you that!!
Lainn Lain Iwakura Serial Experiments Lain lain is very important! but why? what is she, a god, a human, a program...? it is kind of unclear sometimes, kind of like real life, which is why lain's confusing story appeals to me. i understand. lain may seem like an ordinary albeit spacey person but in actuality, there appear to be multiple lains... in fact, maybe it's all lain! one of the lain's is actually evil. one time lain fought herself. kind of. it's complicated but i understand!
Pyrope Terezi Pyrope Homestuck this is one of my older waifus... also i was maybe a bit too much into this one... anyway terezi pyrope is hyper cool and also blind but that just makes her cooler due to how awesome she gets at fighting even when blind. also she eats chalk. this is considered attractive by certain parts of me apparently. also she licks things a lot see because she's blind so she tastes things with her smell and also taste sometimes. she has really cool sunglasses and likes having ridiculous played-out courtroom dramas. and so do i.
Cirnocfirefir Achi Cirno Touhou Project fanbase achi cirno is kind of like cirno. and cirno's hobbies involve freezing things. but GUESS WHAT this cirno is fire instead of ice and likes burning things instead! hm..... who does this remind me of..... oh yeah me. also when i first learned she existed and had good fanart of her i kind of was severely overwhelmed and was acting very excitedly. it was fun but why did i react that way anyway? achi cirno must be important. there is no other explanation.
Marisa Marisa Kirisame Touhou Project okay marisa is very excellent for a number of reasons. first of all her personality is really greedy it's kind of like if wario was a kawaii anime girl instead of a fat vaguely european man. marisa has a really cool attack called the master spark which is just massive overkill. it's seriously good. also marisa has a deep voice, if you tell me otherwise you are wrong. she totally has a deep voice trust me on this, it's really attractive

not an umbrella because i started it and get to abuse that by pretending to be unaware of the culture i have spawned

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