The symbol of the Elementha gods.

Elementha is a mentioned world within the Voidverse timeline. Elementha is the planet where the Persona Gods originally lived before the came to Earth. The name of this world is never mentioned in any of the sagas, but Clemethai mentions it as he is telling Colin Four the origin story of the Voidverse at the end of The Colin Four Saga.

The Gods of Elementha

The Gods of Elementha are mystical deities that control 4 different elements and their respective humans, called Personas. For more information, see this.


  • Elementha obivously contains the word Element, which each Persona God has its own of.
  • Elementha is nowhere near Earth, but it is said that because Zero could "sense darkness from anywhere", and then sent the fastest Persona God, Charblace, one day to search for where a large quantity of dark energy was coming from, they accidentally found Earth, the source of the energy.
  • Elementha is considered to be one of the post-story production elements added to the Voidverse, even though Clemethai makes mention of Elementha (though not by name) at the end of The Colin Four Saga.


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