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Elementals and Daemons is an original fanfiction series created by Ryushusupercat (tbc). It revolves around various creatures that exist as two major groups; Elementals and Daemons, hence the name of the series. The Elementals live on planet Earth, while the Daemons exist in the Otherealm, on the planet Vermonia. Despite this, there are no known crossovers with the Light In The Darkness series as of now.

Different characters each have their own stories, which often intertwine with the stories of others.

The Elementals and the Daemons

Long ago, the Elementals and Daemons were considered to be one and the same. The ones who would eventually come to be known as Daemons, however, started to build their own society that then coexisted alongside the human race. The peace would not last forever, however, and eventually, war broke out between the Humans and the Daemons. This eventually led to the Daemons, with their vast knowledge of the arcane, to open a door to another realm (the Otherealm) and leave Earth, making their new home on the planet of Vermonia.

The Elementals, however, still primal and living alongside the wild, untamed world, remained on Earth, but kept away from the humans and their war with the Daemons.

All Elementals and Daemons are capable of Elemental manipulation, and in this series, their are ten Primal Elements, with each having an opposite;

  • Fire and Ice
  • Water and Electricity
  • Earth and Wind
  • Light and Darkness
  • Nature and Poison

Combination Elements exist, being as their name implies, combinations of any of the ten Primal Elements; one example is Sand (sunamancy), a combination of Wind and Earth.


Apart from the fact that the Daemons actually have societies and civilizations, the Daemons are also known for sometimes wearing some clothing and bangles (they generally tend to be naked for the most part, however) and for being strictly bipedal; the Elementals have more variation in physical stance (quadrupeds, pisciforms, etc.), and don't wear anything at all, apart from the fur, feathers, scales, etc. covering their bodies.

Known Characters

These are the different characters that appear in this series. There's quite a lot of them.


The current home of most of the Daemons, it is fairly similar to Earth, and has its own countries and continents. However, many of the different countries and territories are ruled by a royal family, and they are often referred to as "Houses".


  • EaD: The Exiled Prince - This revolves around the Storm Elemental known as Valikaz, who was stripped of most of his powers by his father Malebolge, the King of Storms, and sent away from his mountain home. The older Storm Elemental did this in an effort to teach his cocky and rude child some humility. The young Storm Elemental eventually meets two Daemon siblings named Kossuth and Tsumetai, and the three try to carve out a place for themselves in the vast, wild world.

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