The full moveset for Elekid Bash.

Shock Moves

  • Shock - basic shocks that can stun foes
  • Zap - creates a electric sheild for 5 seconds
  • Shocker - upgraded shock that bounces off walls
  • Zapper - boosted time for Zap to 10 seconds
  • Thunder - giant shock that splits into 3 and bounces off when it hits a wall
  • Longzap - longer range for Zap
  • Thundercrash - Two thunder pieces appear and act like Thunder
  • Zappear - Become invisible when using Zap
  • Omnishock - Become covered in lightning and slash a X on the screen
  • Omnizap - Become covered in lightning and be invincable for 20 seconds

Punch Moves

  • Punch - Attack with a simple punch
  • Quick - Slide and flip a opponent
  • Punch Bomb - Your fist becomes a bomb and set your enemy on fire
  • Quicker - Your feet become roller skates and smash your enemy in a wall
  • Pounce Uppercut - Elekid does a uppercut from behind and stun the enemies
  • Slick - Flip your opponent with a downward arm movement
  • Dynamicpunch - Confuse your opponent by turning your arm into a rocket and punch it powerfully
  • Sumo Slide - Your fist becomes a grappling hook and slide below your opponent, flipping it into the air, eventually slamming it into the ground hard
  • Focus Punch - Turn your fist to light and slash a line in the middle of the screen
  • Quick Bomb - Blow up the screen with a quick Punch Bomb Uppercut

Ultimata Moves

  • Shock Punch - The ultimate move which affects the entire screen. It uses a combination of Omnishock and Quick Bomb

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