Electrifique is a Li'l Sparky with a stereotypical French accent. He is one of your partners in Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue. Electrifique is orange in color.

Like Watt in Paper Mario, Electrifique can penetrate enemy defenses.


Default Attack: Normal Shock
FP: 0
Description: Shocks an enemy while penetrating all its defenses.
Action command: Hold button 2 and release just before hitting the enemy.
Weaknesses: None.

Default Attack: Electrocution
FP: 2
Description: Shocks an enemy, penetrating all its defenses and paralyzing it briefly.
Action command: Hold button 2 and release just before hitting the enemy. Then, press the button displayed on the screen.
Weaknesses: None.

Level A Attack: Thunder Aide
FP: 4
Description: Coats Mario in electricity so enemies will get hurt when they touch him directly.
Action command: Tilt the control stick in the direction the arrow on the screen indicates.
Weaknesses: None.

Level S Attack: Total Submission
FP: 7
Description: Can harm and paralyze all enemies briefly if you get the timing right.
Action command: Hold the button shown on the screen and release just before hitting each enemy.
Weaknesses: None.

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