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Elder Princess Shroob
Shroob sister
The leader of the Shroobs.
Princess Shroob (sister)
Princess Dr. Shroob (friend)
Elder Princess Dr. Shroob (best friend)
Mario (enemy)
Luigi (enemy)
Princess Peach (enemy)
Princess Daisy (enemy)
Queen Shroob (Mother)
First Appearance Mario and luigi partners in time
Latest Appearance The ultimate crossover
Elder Princess Shroob and her younger sister are the leaders of the Shroobs, an alien race that invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. When Princess Peach, Toadiko and Toadbert came to Princess Peach's Castle of the past, they met the Shroobs. Elder Princess Shroob attempted to attack Peach; however, Peach used the power of the Time Machine, the Cobalt Star, to trap the Elder Princess Shroob inside. Peach then shattered the Star into pieces; however, the younger Princess Shroob still was able to capture Peach and trap her in Shroob Castle.

Before the took over

Elder Princess Shroob has scientists named Princess Dr. Shroob and "Elder Princess Dr. Shroob". And according to princess Shroob in The Shroobs are back. Queen Shroob their mother loved The Elder Princess Shroob more than Princess Shroob. Before they left to the past she put Princess Dr. Shroob in charge on shroob planet.