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Kingdom Hearts III
Elder Blade
Strength MP
+100 +50
Engery Absorption
Seek Zandlis for the encrption

The Elder Blade is one of the most powerful ancient Keyblades in the world. The only person who knew its existience is the maker of all Keyblades, Zandlis. The blade is just as mysterious as it is powerful because of its use and the ability to absorb energy from any living substance. Zandlis mentions that the only being that hone the abilites and the usage of the Elder Blade was that of the warrior who hold every keyblade in existance. (Unknown details if the warrior Zandlis is mentioning about either Terra, Ven, and Aqua)

Zandlis mentions the being who controls the Master Keyblade is the one who is powerful enough to control the Elder Blade; little does anyone know that Sora has been carrying the Master Blade throughout the first three Kingdom Heart games.

The whereabouts of the Elder Blade is unknown and the one who has clues of its location is Zandlis, but if any case someone finds the blade they must enchant the blade's protection holde and break the hold in order to obtain the powers of the Elder Blade.

Kingdom Hearts III

In Kingdom Hearts III, King Mickey seeks Sora and the others to search for Zandlis, the Keyblade maker, so he can give them insight on where the whereabouts of the Elder Blade. However, the Brotherhood of Darkness and a mysterious invisible hand are after the same thing and will do at nothing to find the blade.

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