Woah, seriously dude, burn down!

The fire monster, in phase one.
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Crazy Crater, date unknown
Species Flame
Current Status Alive
Bananas the Monkey
Ability/ies Lava Toss

Lava Wave

Room Heat

Vulnerable To Water
First Appearance BowieQuest

Elbemme (pronouncced Elbum-y) is an enemy from the Bowie series. He is a sort of boss. He was created by a dragon in the BowieQuest world who is now passed away because of an accident that occured.



Elbemme is set to appear in BowieQuest as one of two bosses in Crazy Crater.

Fantendo Universe

He is confirmed to appear in Fantendo Universe, although his role is unknown, but Fandro speculates that he may become either an NPC or a boss.


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