Eira Caldwell
Full Name Eira Caldwell
Current Age 17
Date of Birth 783FC
Gender Female
Location Archoeia
Current Status Alive
Class Cryomancer
Scirevicis Academy
Family and Relations
Juliet Caldwell
Main Weapon(s) Cryomancy
Ability/ies Cryomancy
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Blood Trance

Eira Caldwell is a party member in Blood Trance, and a Cryomancer in training at Scirevicis Academy.

History Edit

Eira and her sister, Juliet, were orphans from a young age. Their mother died while giving birth to Juliet, and their father committed suicide a few years later. The two were then moved to an orphanage and, in one of their regular visits, the Scirevicis Academy decided to offer Eira the opportunity to study at the Academy (as she had the most potential of all the orphans at the time). At the age of 15, she became one of the youngest wizards to join the Academy, and aimed to become a successful wizard so she had enough money to take care of her and Juliet.

Blood Trance Edit

Personal Information Edit

Physical Description Edit

Eira is short and slightly stocky. She has short, curly cyan hair. She typically wears a leather jacket over a white shirt, and black jeans. She also wears thick gloves to prevent her fingers from getting frostbite while using Cryomancy.

Her eyes have become blue due to her use of Cryomancy.

Personality Edit

Eira is incredibly optimistic and cheerful, constantly striving to make everyone around her as happy as possible. Rather than being simply a coping mechanism for her traumatic childhood, she has a genuinely positive outlook on life and sees the negative events in her past as only minor interruptions to her otherwise great life.

Abilities Edit

Eira is skilled in Cryomancy, the magical school related to the creation and manipulation of cold, in particular ice.

Relationships Edit

Juliet Caldwell Edit