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Newer Edwin B. Koopa (Ed for short)

Edwin B. Koopa's Current appearance. (The belly area is actually pale as seen on the boater hat image)

Morton –You look a lot like Noah now that I think of it...


Roy –Nah, more like a rubber ducky on Dr. Mario's Smashtacular Steroids.

–I'll take Morton's statement...

Edwin's conversation with Roy and Morton.

Edwin Bill Koopa or Ed B. Koopa for short, is one of the many koopalings. He is mostly normal except for the fact that he had lost a tooth when he was younger due to Luigi knocking it out. He hates Luigi for this. He is older than Iggy but younger than Roy.


Edwin was born by Clawdia Koopa, and later in his life, he started to help Bowser. When he was 9 years old, his only tooth was knocked out by Luigi, he also fell and cracked his shell. For these reasons, he hates Luigi. When he became 11, he became good friends with Bazyli Koopa because they both dislike Luigi. Currently, things have been going okay for Ed. He also is a Rainbow Belt (Highest rank) in Kooparate


Edwin is very nice, he is very laid back. He is usually the Negotiator between the Koopalings. But he has a big hatred for Luigi. He likes Baysil for this reason, they both have lost something that they will not regain from Luigi, and that is why they dislike him. He is also somewhat stubborn.

Koopaling Relationships

Bowser Jr.: He likes Bowser Junior, but he gets annoyed when he whines

Boater Hats r boss

Edwin with his bluesteel boater hat on

Larry: He thinks Larry is fun to play with

Morton: He is a good friend of Morton. But he DOES get annoyed by the annoying rage-fits Morton has...

Wendy: He likes Wendy, but he thinks she needs to cut back on the perfume

Iggy: He thinks Iggy is a little crazy, but they seem to like each other.

Roy: He gets really annoyed by Roy because Roy always tries to look tough, but Roy cannot Physically hurt him due to him being a Rainbow Belt in Kooparate.

Lemmy : He thinks Lemmy is fun to play with. 

Ludwig: They seem to be fine friends due to looking slightly alike.

Lavora: He thinks Lavora is cool.

Jackson: He thinks Jackson is full of himself.

Bazyli Koopa: Best friends. They both lost things that were important because of Luigi.

Tim: He likes throwing rocks in the pond with him. 

Mario: He truly is not really mean or even in dislike of Mario, he just does what his dad says. 

Luigi: He hates Luigi because he cracked his shell and broke away his only tooth. Even though he hates him, he doesn't hate him as much as Bazyli hates Luigi.

A 3D version

Peach: He thinks that Peach doesn't deserve to be Princess.

Daisy: He has nevr really met Daisy, but hears about her all the time because Luigi saves her all the time, but he never sees her. 

Rosalina: He doesn't care for Rosalina.

Names in other languages

Japan: Nishin

Russia: Ivan

France: Evan Canada: Ian


  • He also throws sledgehammers like a Sledge Bro.
  • He is one of the few fanon Koopalings that is mostly just an average joe (Except for the teeth, but it isn't that special).
  • He likes cheese for an unknown reason. 
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