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Edna by helena
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Humanoid
Location London, UK
Align Neutral
Main Weapon(s) Justice Sword
Element(s) Transformation
Ability/ies Various
Vulnerable To Fire
Nationality British
Height 5'08" (humanoid)
Weight 119 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Final
Edna is a humanoid capable of transforming into many horror-related creatures, and is a skilled and clever combatant. She can easily use transformation to her advantage, capable of transforming into a spider humanoid to poison creatures and create sticky traps, and also a vampire to take over the skies and quickly attack anything in her way.  Edna has no real alignment, but will join any male who claims they will marry her, regardless of their purpose, unless it harms her "animal buddies".


As a "normal" humanoid, Edna is a very attractive woman with strong resemblances to the Roman goddess of justice, Justitia, wearing a red blindfold across her forehead and having a long blue dress, holding a sword in her right hand.  Her eyes are sky blue and her hair is green and flows down her back, looking somewhat like a waterfall.  She possesses a strong, rather muscular build.  The sword she holds, while separate from her, is actually a part of her body, and will transform into necessary parts for her other transformations if she's holding onto it.  Without the sword, she can't transform.


Edna has a neutral stance on most things, but is a usually harmless "sorceress" that seeks men to mate with, as she feels that she needs love and doesn't get any of it, as her relatives left her for dead upon discovering her very unusual talents.  She sides with anyone who promises to marry her, and will protect those fiercely who get really close with her, although breaks bonds if that person refuses to be her husband any longer.  She gets along well with people who don't mind her various transformations, but is timid and even shy around those that do mind.

Despite her wanting to mate and love, Edna isn't really flirty nor does she have many desires, she just wants to explore love and feel like she has a reason, but has a difficult time finding a human partner as many are disturbed by her in general.  Edna attempts to bring attention to herself via several tactics, but few seem to work for her and few men ever come over to her.  Mostly, she uses her desire-related tactics as actually fatal movements, and can cause death within minutes.

However, she is very fun loving, and likes to be a prankster of sorts, using her animal and horror transformations to her advantage.  She tends to pull pranks on people that she dislikes, and likes to flirt with whom she considers to be losers of sorts.  Despite her mischievous personality, if someone is hurt, even someone she strongly dislikes, she will take them under her wing, and bite them with her fangs in her usual form, granting them the same abilities as her, although transformations may vary per person.

Abilities / Transformations

When Edna transforms, she still resembles a human for the most part, but parts of her body change to suit her appropriate transformations.  Her organs and other body bits change slightly as she transforms, and some transformations grant and/or remove parts.  For example, when she becomes part spider, she gains six additional spider-like legs and her two usual legs become spider like, and she gains an abdomen and venomous fangs, but she loses her skeleton, granting her way less defense.


As a part spider, Edna gains an abdomen, has eight spider-like legs, and has venomous fangs and eight eyes.  Using this form, she can shoot silk to form webs or trap enemies, and can hatch new spiders which can follow her lead.  She becomes much more agile and skillful, but she has way less defense thanks to the removal of her usual skeleton.  Edna's venom hurts upon penetration in the skin, but increases affection and desire in one's body, used as a mating tactic by her.  Lots of bites can prove fatal, however.


Becoming part bat, Edna gains two wings and her ears become bat-like.  While she can hardly see, she can hear exceptionally well and detect and identify objects via emitting ultrasonic sounds.  Like (nearly all if not all) bats, Edna is capable of flight and can soar through the air at high speeds, able to track down and demolish prey quickly.  Despite this, her body has weakened defenses and she's vulnerable to more attacks, and attacks from others can push her away harshly.


The wolf form of Edna is the strongest of her forms, and yet among her speedier and more defensive ones.  Edna remains similar to her original self, but her eyes become more wolf-like and her eyes lose their irises and pupils, and she becomes furry and aggressive-looking all over.  Edna has very strong slash attacks and has a bite attack that can pierce through bone.  She is near uncontrollable in this state if she's left in it for too long, so if she doesn't revert, she can become very dangerous and resist going back to normal.


Widely used as a defensive form, Edna's lower body transforms into that of a cobra's, and her head morphs to somewhat resemble a cobra's.  Edna is rather silent and doesn't speak much, and gains incredible accuracy in most fields.  Her tail is very strong and can be used to block gunshots and attacks, and counterattacking is one of her specialties.  Her poison is strong and can kill within minutes or hours of injection, unlike the venom she possesses as a spider.  Her speed on land is incredible.


As a squid, Edna's bottom body becomes a mess of tentacles, and she becomes very capable of exploring the sea.  This is her only underwater transformation, but she can affect land with it by whipping tentacles against enemies on the surface and creating powerful water waves.  She tends to be very calm in this form, but can be very aggressive if attacked, and can hold opponents strongly in her many arms, although she's nowhere as strong with her grip as a squid than she is as a mummy.

Black Cat

Under her black cat transformation, Edna becomes very stealthy and rather furry, gaining yellow eyes and a long bushy tail.  Her arms become legs too, which hinders her ability to grab things as effectively, but she can speed along the ground really quickly, like a cheetah.  This is arguably one of her more powerful forms, able to do very painful scratches to others and do painful bites, and can cause bad luck to those who wish to harm her in this form.  Her real hindrance is her ability to easily be kicked around if she's not careful.


Edna can also become spirit-like, able to possess and control enemies she touches, and can lead others around as if they were her puppets.  Her body for the most part remains normal, but her bottom half is replaced by a trail of thick smoke, and her body becomes sickly white in color.  Her eyes also become red and glow ominously.  While she can't make direct physical damage and can't exactly touch anything, she can pass through walls and spread status aliments onto her foes.


Her mummy form is her slowest, and her pace can be compared fairly to a turtle's.  While very slow and poor with offense, she is absurdly tricky to deal with, and has a slew of odd tactics.  One thing's for certain though: as a mummy, Edna has an IRON GRIP.  Once something is grabbed, it is extremely unlikely that it will be taken away from her or escape, if not impossible.  She can use her bandages to trip opponents and control the lighting and darkness of rooms.



  • Her personal favorite of her transformations is the spider, as it's easiest to use and she has more control over her favorite species.

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