The robot designer.
Full Name Dr. Edmund
Current Age 62
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Helper
Main Weapon(s) Inventions
Ability/ies High intelligence, robot designing.
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)

Professor Edmund, also known as simply Edmund or Test Subject 0412 is one of the scientist that worked on the creation of Scyplo. He is an extremely intelligent alien, but pretty much with no experience. He was originally a test subject until one experiment with intelligence happened. This made him start to have an amazing IQ, and start to learn quickly on robots. He became an expert on robot design, and started to design Scyplo along with his team. He is Scyplo's guide in Gardlia.


Edmund was originally just somebody in Gardlia. With no money, he quickly asked an aliens research company to give him a job. He was accepted as a test subject for their laboratories. Everything went better than expected. One day, he was told to go to a test which would make his intelligence go higher. When he got here, they tested him with several drinks. With these, he suddenly saw his IQ go higher and higher, and become one of the smartest aliens of his planet. The aliens offered him a job as an scientist in the project to create Scyplo, and he accepted.

He was the one in charge of designing Scyplo. After Betolpy escaped, Edmund helped Scyplo as his guide on Gardlia.


Edmund is sarcastic, but incredibly serious everytime. He doesn't laugh to any jokes, and is always doing his duty. He loves creativity and to design, and values intelligence more than anything else. He is good friends with Elfain, the two being intellectual bookworms. He tends to come up with pretty revolutionary robot designs, both unique, interesting and getting the job done.