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Sweet, it's here! I believe that fans old and new to the series were very excited, I know I was! I interviewed the first person to buy it in Tacoma's Best Buy, and she said "Wow! EEA Inc. always amazes me with their great Nintendo-based games!" She went on to say she loved Mario and a lot of other things. So, looks like it's going good! Oh, and on another note... Mario & Bowser is ALSO going good..... look forward to more news of ALL GAMES coming soon!
Mario and Bowser

Hello, all. This is EEA Inc. Treasurer, 1337doom! Yup, I'm the treasurer, and I have been for a while. So, today I looked at EEA Inc. and they got a blog! So I'm here to talk about Mario & Bowser. You know, that game? Yes, well, me and MQM here have recently gave it a massive overhaul. And we're still working. My screenshot I tried to make didn't work, but I'll have some pictures soon. Besides, we have confirmed the first part of the game. It's a Mario & Luigi-style game, but Mario uses A for jump and B for hammer, while Bowser uses X and Y like in M&L3. More soon! -Leety Dooshim, Treasurer

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