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Edith Koopa
Full Name Queen Edaline Olivine Koopa
Gender Female
Location Koopa Kingdom
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Morton Koopa Sr., Bowser, Becki, Koopalings

Edith Koopa is the mother of Bowser, Brenadine and Becki Koopa. She is the wife of Morton Koopa Sr. and grandmother of the Koopalings.


Edith has curley gray hair with red highlights. She is rather fat and she has a pearl neclace. Her shell is blue with a golden encasing and green rings around her spikes. She has glasses, bangles, heels and earings that are all dark blue.


Edith is kind and is very forgetful, she often mudles up her grandchildrens' names. She loves cooking and baking, she bakes cakes for her grandchildren when they're upset.

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