Edgar Crud is the first boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is a cartoon hunter hired by Rexes to destroy Toon Land with Thinner by using a syphon, but the SSFF arrived and stopped the Hunter before he thins out Toon Land from existance.


Edgar Crud is the most hated Toon in Toon Land due to his hobby of capturing animals. When he meets Rexes, he decides to use a syphon drain the thinner from the Thinner Swamp so he can pour it all over Toon Land.

Later, when the SSFF came to Toon Land to stop Edgar, they found him at the Thinner Swamp with his syphon. He fights the gang with his shotgun but the SSFF manage to defeat him. The last hit sends Edgar flying through the air and crashes into his own Thinner Syphon, where he dissolves and dies from the thinner explosion.

Toon Land is saved from Edgar's Thinner Syphon.

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