Eddy (Conquest)
Eddy Fluidity
Eddy, the Water Spirit
Symbol SSB Fluidity
Universe Fluidity
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Conquest
Official Debut Fluidity (2010)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Spin Cycle
Home Stage Rainbow Spirit Storybook

Eddy is the protagonist of Fluidity and Fluidity: Spin Cycle. A newcomer in Smash, Eddy has very bad traction and pretty bad power. On the bright side, he has good jump and speed. A very lightweight character with lots of variety in his moves, Eddy is ready!

Trophy Description



Fluidity was published as a WiiWare game in December of 2010. It was a puzzle game based around a puddle of water that took on different states of matter to progress in the level. A sequel, called Fluidity: Spin Cycle was released on the 3DS eShop. Eddy was seen in his cartoonish form for the first time, on a quest to save the Rainbow Spirits in a storybook. This introduced a tilting mechanic and was one of the few 3DS titles to not include 3D stereoscopic visuals.



  • Neutral: Eddy punches twice then spits bubbles, ending with a big bubble
  • Forward tilt: Eddy flips, delivering a kick as he does
  • Back tilt: Eddy summons a small burst of ice behind him
  • Down tilt: Eddy, as a puddle, summons small waves
  • Up tilt: Eddy spits water above him
  • Dash attack: Eddy becomes a wave of water

Smash Attacks

  • Side: Eddy punches with his fist frozen
  • Up: Eddy summons a small waterfall
  • Down: Eddy splits into two waves of water and rejoins


  • Neutral: Eddy creates a rainbow around him
  • Forward: Eddy blows a gust of wind
  • Back: Eddy punches back with both hands
  • Down: Eddy spits bubbles downward
  • Up: Eddy freezes himself


  • Grab: Eddy creates a small wave flowing toward him
  • Pummel: Eddy freezes the foe
  • Side throw: Eddy traps his foe in ice then spits water powerfully
  • Up throw: Eddy heats things up by evaporating and condensing all around the foe (fire damage), before they catch fire
  • Down throw: Eddy becomes a body of water and traps the foe, before becoming a whirlpool and throwing them out.

Special Moves

Name Description Type
Concentrated Liquid Eddy becomes a ball of water. This harms anyone who touches him and projectiles go straight through him, power doubled. Neutral
Drizzle / Downpour Eddy becomes a rain cloud and begins to store up water. Pressing the special button causes Eddy to drizzle a few raindrops. If you let it fully charge, Eddy releases a torrential downpour of water. Neutral
Steam Swirl Eddy evaporates into steam and swirls around. This move has a gravity effect and will cause fire damage. Oddly enough, Eddy is still vulnerable to attacks while using this move. Neutral
Rainbow Eddy absorbs light and becomes a rainbow. He stretches forward with good range but low speed and power. Side
Whirlpool Eddy becomes a whirlpool. This attack functions similarly to Meta Knight's Mach Tornado. Side
Ice Skate Eddy freezes into ice and slides forward. This move may freeze opponents and leaves behind a slippery track. Side
Evaporate Eddy evaporates and floats higher. This has a fire effect upon starting the move and inflicts regular damage at the end. Up
Bubble Eddy becomes a flurry of bubbles that float high and eventually pop. Up
Thundercloud Eddy becomes a thundercloud and floats upward. He shoots lightning bolts while doing this. Up
Ice Block Eddy becomes a block of ice and crashes to the ground. He immediately becomes liquid again and tiny shards of ice fly nearby. Down
Puddle Eddy becomes a puddle of water. You can move around, albeit slowly, but not jump. When Eddy reforms, he will deliver a weak blow. Down
Freezer Geyser Eddy forms a pillar of water on either side of him. Foes will be trapped in these, gradually receiving damage. Eddy will then freeze the pillars inflicting great damage and turning the foe into ice. Down
Spin Cycle Eddy summons a small wave. Anybody caught in the wave is brought to a new screen where Eddy uses the power of the Rainbow Spirits to summon a giant flood. Final Smash


  • Neutral: Rainbow Spirits fly around Eddy while he looks at them happily
  • Side: Eddy looks worried then freezes, evaporates and condenses quickly, he then blushes
  • Down: Eddy whistles a tune as bubbles fly out of his mouth
  • Entrance 1: Water falls onto the stage and Eddy forms
  • Entrance 2: A cloud floats onto the stage and condenses, revealing Eddy
  • Victory fanfare: A short, sped up rendition of Fluidity's main theme plays
  • Victory 1: Eddy becomes a puddle then reforms with one fist in the air
  • Victory 2: Eddy puts both his hand in the air, one freezes and Eddy stares confused at his frozen hand
  • Victory 3: Eddy jumps and becomes a rainbow
  • Loss: Eddy becomes an angry thundercloud

Palette swaps

  • Normal
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Dark purple (based off the Influence)
  • Rainbow (based off the Rainbow Spirits)



Official Art

Eddy is depicted sitting down with a goofy smile on his face, waving.

In Trailers

Eddy has appeared in no trailers thus far.

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