Eddie is a 25-year-old Popopo who came to Zolara from Earth. He is from California.


Eddie has red and blue spiky hair, a red and yellow body, blue feet and green eyes.


While Eddie isn't exactly smart (he has an IQ of 88. In fact, he definitely isn't smart), he has quite some strength to make up for his lack of intelligence.


To say Eddie is a bit stupid is an understatement. To say he's very stupid is an understatement. The correct word to describe Eddie is "amnesia".  While he was a lot smarter as a child, his knowledge seemed to drop more as an adult. He had met a creature while travelling in a faraway land who helped him through his travels (Geng), who later became something akin to a guardian as he got older and dumber.


Eddie is known for being an "idiot" and can hardly remember things.

Relationships with Other Characters

Lucy - Lucy is Eddie's sister.

Lou - Lou is Eddie's brother.

Kirsti - Despite his stupidity, Eddie is in a relationship with Kirsti.


  • Eddie has a Fairen-esque Bronto Burt called Geng to help him when he's about to do something he might regret.