Edamame Man
Edamame Man
Full Name Edamame Man
Gender Male-Programming
Current Status Destroyed
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Beanshot
First Appearance Mega Man K2
Latest Appearance Mega Man K2
Boy, do you ever look silly. Whoever designed you has poor taste. I'll end your suffering right here and now—you should thank me!
Edamame Man

Dr. Kojiro's 15th robot master Edamame Man was based on the theme of a soybean. The main body itself is actually a miniaturized robot processing plant and he can create Beanbots and release them from four locations—his head, torso, pelvis and buster arm. He fights with these beanbots, usually using them in an attack called Beanshot.


Edamame's signature weapon, Beanshot, fires a three-beanbot spread centered on him to the edge of the arena, followed by a second barrage tilted to 45 degrees. While doing this he jumps around, climbing on the vines in his room; these beanbots all are destroyed upon impact with a surface. Surprisingly he is actually weaker than other Robot Masters and dies early, only to release a final barrage of three Beanbots to get their revenge on his killer. These three Beanbots attack while quickly jumping around the screen; all three must be killed. When only one remains, it fires white tofu cubes that will trap a target for that Beanbot to beat on him for a couple seconds.

Behind the scenes

  • Edamame Man's design theme was chosen by Somarinoa's old friend, "Mayhem". Mayhem and Somarinoa drew their ideas of the characters separately, and revealed them to each other at the same time so as not to affect each other's personal ideas on the characters, thereby allowing each design to be as original as possible from one another.
  • The creator pictures Edamame Man himself to sound like Web Spider (mainly in that "shuka shuka shuka!" moving voice, and the Beanbots sounding like Split Mushroom.
  • His entire body is inspired by a soybean pod, with his main body being shaped like a pod, and his forearms and feet also being reminiscent of them. His shoulder armor is based off of soybean leaves. The beanbots are based off of the beans inside the pod, with similar forearm and foot armor.