Echo (Goru)
Echo in Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below.
Full Name Echo Shrood
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Location Eirian
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Eirian Warriors
Family and Relations
Lace (mother)
Deco (father)
Main Weapon(s) Various
Vulnerable To Demons
Latest Appearance Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below

Echo (Goru) Shrood is one of the main protagonists in the Dark Fungi series. She is a female Goru, and a skilled warrior.


Echo is a pink Goru with yellow hair and a yellow boil. She wears a baby blue shirt and blue shoes with white lines going down the middle and forking with red in the middle of the forks. She has orange eyes and is almost always happy.


Dark Fungi

Dark Fungi: Black Grotto

Tears in Darkness

Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below

Relationships with other characters




Official Artwork

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