Ecaf Yppah
Full Name Ecaf Yppah
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Location SmileyVille
Current Status Alive
Class  ???
Ecaf Clan
Family and Relations
Happy Face - Alternate Dimension Version
Main Weapon(s)  ???
Ability/ies  ???
Vulnerable To  ???
Latest Appearance Happy Face's Fantendo Smash Bros.

Ecaf Yppah is a character in the Malicious (series). He is an alternate dimension version and good twin of Happy Face. He first appeared as a secret character in Happy Face's Fantendo Smash Bros.

Decaf Yppah

While Happy Face can transform into Angry Face, Ecaf Yppah can also transform himself into an even calmer, good, less-hyper (is that even possible) version called Decaf Yppah. The only main difference in power is that he falls asleep more.


  • His name is "Happy Face" spelled backwards.