Earthbound Zero
25px-Flag of Japan Mother
Director Lurky Lorean
Producer(s) Brad Foxhoven
Studio(s) Universal Pictures
Distributor(s) Universal Pictures
Type CGI animation
Genre(s) Drama, action, adventure, fantasy
Kodi Smit-McPhee as Ninten.
Kirsten Dunst as Ana.
Daniel Hansen as Lloyd.
Theatrical Release Date(s)
July 20, 2016
Runtime 2 hours
Series Earthbound
Sequel(s) Earthbound
Take a melody
Simple as can be
Give it some words and
Sweet harmony
Raise your voices
All day long now, love grows strong now,
Sing a melody of
Love, oh love
The Eight Melodies

Earthbound Zero (also known as Mother in Japan and Earthbound Beginnings in the European territories) is a 2016 CGI animated film based of Mother / Earthbound Beginnings. The movie is being written and directed by Lurky Lorean and being produced by Brad Foxhoven, one of the producers of the Ratchet & Clank movie and was previously involved with the now cancelled Metroid movie, in which it was being directed by John Woo. The movie is going to be released on July 20, on the game's birthday.

The film features the voices of Kodi Smit-McPhee (ParaNormanDawn of the Planet of the Apes) as the main character Ninten, Kristen Durst (Interview with the Vampire, Kiki's Delivery Service) as Ana, Daniel Hansen (Being John Malkovich, Stuart Little 2) as Lloyd, Gary Oldman (Kung Fu Panda 2, Planet 51) as the voice of the gang leader Teddy and Keith David (The Princess and the Frog, Princess Mononoke) as the voice of the movie's main villian Giygas.


Ninten is an average boy who has a workaholic dad, a loving mom and two twin sisters. Everything seems to go well, until one day, a lamp starts attacking Ninten. Ninten defeats the lamp and goes to see if something similar happened to her sisters and see that one of them has been attacked by a doll. After defeating the doll, Ninten recieves a call from his dad and discovers that he has an ability called PSI, which has been on his family ever since his great-grandfather, George, first discovered it. Ninten decides to read his great-grandfather's dairy to learn more about this PSI and discovers what happened to his great-grandfather and great-grandmother too and learns that an alien invasion is coming to attack the earth. What does his great-grandfather and the alien invasion has in connection? Ninten goes into a journey to stop the alien invasion and it's leader Giygas as well getting the Eight Melodies, which will come in handy in order to defeat the leader.

Production Company Stardust Citadel
Movies DC Cinematic Universe (& Sr.Wario (tbc))

Batman vs. Superman
Batman: Riddles in the Dark
Wonder Woman & The Justice Society
Green Lanterns
Green Arrow: The Outlaw Archer
The Flash: Terminal Velocity
Teen Titans
Superman: New Krypton
Suicide Squad

Eternikaverse Hama the Mercenary (comic)
Hama & Corshama (comic)
Fantendo Forces: BioGen (animated film)
Eternika (game)
Other Projects Sonic the Hedgehog: Remastered
Sonic: 25 Years Later
Kirby: Odyssey of Dreams

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