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Earthbound Plus is a remake of EarthBound, combining 16-bit graphics with the HD graphics of today, and while the main game isnt changed, it adds Challenge Mode, Arena Mode, Acheivements and online battles where you can make a character battle against other peoples characters.


Canon Craze - Use the canon names for the characters.

Pokey Twist - Talk to Pokey for the first time.

Telephoning - Try to use the phone at the first bit of the game.

The Blabbing Wonder:Talk to 50 different people.

Chatmobile:Talk to 100 different people.

Chatmobile mk. 2:Talk to 200 different people.

Neverending Mouth Of Words:Talk to all the characters in the game.

Basic Beats - Go to daytime Onett.

Secondarial - Go to Twoson.

Third D-slip - Go to Threed.

Breaking The Fourth Wall - Go to Fourside.

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